What are the requirements for a Doctorate/Ph.D. in Ghana?

Aspiring students looking to pursue an advanced degree in Ghana should first consider the specific requirements of their desired field of study before applying to one of Ghana’s many programs offering Ph.D. degrees or Doctorate degrees, and higher.

While every school has different requirements, there are some things that most schools require, such as undergraduate coursework, language skills, and work experience.

Students should also ensure that they have the financial means necessary to support themselves while studying at one of Ghana’s many educational institutions.

What is a Doctorate/Ph.D. degree?


A doctorate degree is an academic degree awarded by a university. It is typically an advanced level of education that takes at least three years to complete.

A Ph.D. is advanced research awarded after four or more years of graduate work. As such, a doctorate degree is considered to be higher than PHDs and usually requires more time and effort to complete.

What is the requirement for a Ph.D. in Ghana?

  1. A relevant master’s degree in the area of study being applied for.
  2. Professional and academic recommendations
  3. A completed and signed application form together with all stated requirements.
  4. International students will be required to prove proficiency in the use of the English Language.
  5. Certified true copies of certificates and any other academic records.
  6. Two recent passport-sized photographs, one of which should be affixed to the form.
  7. Personal statement/statement of purpose.
  8. Research proposal of an appropriate standard
  9. Copies of publications or research material (if any).
  10. Curriculum Vitae.

What is the requirement for a Doctorate degree in Ghana?

  1. Some doctorate degree programs require candidates to hold a master’s degree, but most accept candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college or university.
  2. All transcripts must be submitted
  3. Letters of recommendation, personal interviews, and college admission test scores might also be required.
  4. The admission test will depend on the academic field of the doctorate program (Graduate Record Examination – GRE and Miller Analogues Test – MAT is the most common.

How to apply

Visit the official website of the institution you prefer and apply. You can also personally visit the institution for a copy of their admission form. Mostly, applications are accepted all year round, but in Ghana, for instance, the major intake periods are January, June, and September.

What is the difference between Doctorate and Ph.D.?

Ph.D. is more academic, research-focused, and heavy on theory. A doctorate degree is intended for you to master a subject in both theory and practice.

How long does Doctorate/Ph.D. last?

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A doctorate degree typically takes four to six years to complete. A Ph.D. program may take up to eight years to complete. However, the timing depends on the program design, the subject area you are studying, and the institution offering the program.

What is the best age to get a Doctorate/Ph.D.?

There is never the best age to complete a degree. The best age is whenever you are able to complete it. But the earlier you finish, the more of a life and career you will have with it.


To earn a Ph.D., you will need to make a substantial contribution to knowledge through research and be able to present your findings at conferences. Keep in mind that this is not an easy process and may take years of full-time study.

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