What are the Differences Between the MTN Agent and Merchant Sims?

The difference between the mobile money agent’s Sim card and the Merchant Sim card he uses is quite simple.

The Agents Sim is just like any other sim card registered under the agent’s name to help him transact like any other mobile money user.

With his Sim, he can make calls, transfer and receive money from other mobile money users, and there is a limit to how much money he can keep in his account.


While the merchant sim is used purposely for business, it cannot and shouldn’t be used to make calls to specific numbers to not subject it to fraud and theft.

It sends money to mobile money users and facilitates transactions with other merchant sims. There is no limit to how much money you can keep on your merchant Sim card, or there are no known limits.

Everyone can be registered on a regular sim card in Ghana. Still, only some can have a merchant sim card in their possession because there is a tall procedure to acquire it.

Also, the agent and merchant sim cards have different transaction types. The agent sim can do cash out, cash in, check balance, borrow money, self-service, and buy airtime and data, among others. At the same time, the merchant sin also does cash in, cash out, check balance, check commission, register other sim cards, and send tokens, among others.

The bottom line is that the agent sim works like any other standard sim. In contrast, the merchant sim serves business but also does petty transactions that the “normal sim” does. Visit the MTN Ghana website to find out how to get registered with a merchant sim for your business.

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