WASSCE Grading System: How to Calculate Your Aggregate Score

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) was established in 1952 by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) to usher qualified senior high school graduates into universities in the country. It is written in May/June every year.

This exam is also taken in four other West African countries, namely, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, and Liberia.

Apart from the May/June exams, WAEC also conducts Nov/Dec examination for senior high school leavers who wish to better their results.


The WASSCE results are calculated by summing up three of the candidates best core and three of their best elective subject grades, with mathematics and science being compulsory, a credit score in the two subjects is acceptable

WASSCE Scores in Percentages, Grading, and Interpretations

The following is a breakdown of the WASSCE grading system and the requisite requirement to get into a reputable university or short course colleges.

  • 100-75 percent in any subject is graded A1 and defined as Excellent
  • 74-70 percent is graded B2 and defined as Very Good
  • 69-65 percent is graded B3 and interpreted as Good
  • 64-60 percent is graded C4, a Credit Score
  • 59-55 percent is graded C5, another Credit Score
  • 54-50 percent is graded C6. Credit
  • 49-45 percent is graded D7, a Pass
  • 44-40 percent is graded E8, also interpreted as a Pass
  • 39-0 percent is graded F9, Fail

These exams are marked by teachers using the WAEC marking scheme and script checked by professionals. Objective questions are marked based on accuracy on a computer, whiles theory looks at workings, steps, accuracy, and attempts.

How does WAEC score your exams? They calculate your score and divide it by the total marks the question carries and multiplies it by 100 percent. This, we know but it is unclear how WAEC adds your percentage from schoolwork to grade you.

How to calculate your WASSCE Aggregate

The cut-off point for most universities in Ghana is aggregate 24 and anything less than that. How then do you calculate this? Below is the result of candidate A, a general arts student.





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Candidate A can now calculate his/her results by adding up the three best core subjects, mathematics, science, and social studies. 2+2+1= 5. Then three best electives. French, C.R.S, and history, 2+1+1=4. Candidate A ends up with aggregate 9, which can take him or her to any university of their choice.

Schools like the University of Ghana, Legon, University cape coast, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Education, Winneba are some of the best government universities in the country. And they expect you to do well in your WASSCE before they take you in.

Perhaps you did not get credit scores in mathematics or science or any of the core subjects, private and technical universities will still take you on some courses, but in the long run, some jobs will still request to see your WASSCE results before they employ you. Hence, you are advised not to take the shortcuts, but to study hard and get excellent grades in your WASSCE, once and for all.

Checking Your Results in the Future

  • To check your WASSCE results, buy a result checker card from WAEC offices nationwide or any retail outlets and post offices. Sometimes you can even purchase it online.
  • Go to a café and have them check it and print it out for you but, If you are checking it yourself, visit the WAEC online results checker portal
  • Select the examination type(WASSCE)
  • Select your examination year(2021)
  • Enter your date of birth and the result checker serial number on the card purchased
  • Enter the 12 digits personal identification number on the card
  • Fill in your index number and wait for the big moment.

If you have a problem checking your results, it could be that an embargo has been placed on it because you might be owing school fees, or your results were canceled due to examination malpractice or general misconduct. Anyhow, go to your school to make more inquiries.

How to Easily Check The Programmes You Qualify for with Your WASSCE Grades

Below are the steps to checking the programmes you qualify for with your WASSCE grades

  1. Visit cutoffpoint.com.gh in a web browser, preferably Google Chrome
  2. Select “WASSCE” from the certificate type dropdown
  3. Choose the course you studied in SHS from the background section
  4. Select the type of programme you want to apply for (Certificate, Diploma or Degree)
  5. Choose school or college and click next
  6. Choose the exact grade you got for your core subjects and click “NEXT”
  7. Select all the electives you offered in SHS and click “NEXT”
  8. Choose the grades you got for the elective subjects and click “NEXT”
  9. Input your name and phone number and click “Check for Programme”
  10. Input MoMo/Card information and make payment
  11. Done

Note: A confirmation code will be sent to your phone number so kindly input an active number. This code can be used to check the list again.

WASSCE Nov/Dec registration

Writing the NOV-DEC examination is very good for individuals who wish to better their results. Normally, people go to rewrite their mathematics, both core and elective, and integrated science because these are the two subjects that disturb students most

As of 2020 registering:

  • 1 subject costs GHS 328.18
  • 2 Subjects GHS 341.24
  • 3 Subjects GHS 354.30
  • 4 subjects GHS 475.67
  • 5 subjects GHS 394.67
  • 6 subjects GHS 412.47

These prices may change in 2021 and in the years to come, but if you are thinking of rewriting any of your subjects, do so. Remedial schools abound in the country, take advantage of the second chance.

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