Waakye Leaves: Where to Buy, Uses and Health Benefits

Did you know waakye leaves are called Sorghum bicolor leaves? Do you know what its health benefits are? If you love cooking, you might have already known which leaves we are going to discuss in this article.

What is Used in Cooking Waakye and its Importance

Sorghum bicolor leaves are used in preparing the famous Ghanaian recipe Waakye. People love waakye; it can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Sorghum bicolor leaves have many health and medicinal benefits.

It is a blood-enhancing concoction. Thus when used in food or boiled and drunk, it can be used as a blood booster.


It is also used in the treatment of anemia since it contains vitamin B to help with the nervous system’s proper functioning. Sorghum bicolor leaves also contain calcium for strong bones and teeth.

The leaves contain antioxidants that prevent cell damage and diseases like cancer, diabetes and the likes.

When you eat foods that contain these leaves, you get a strong immune system to help fight viral infectious diseases. Research has also shown that it helps improve cardiovascular health.

How to prepare waakye

In Ghana, the leaves are used in preparing Waakye as stated above and here’s how;


-Sorghum bicolor leaves ( waakye leaves)

-Red beans or regular beans


Boil the waakye leaves and beans together for a few minutes

Remove the leaves and wait for the beans to cook for a while

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When the beans are almost cooked, add the rice, add some salt and stir.

Please do not add the rice to the beans immediately; you take out the leaves because it cooks faster than the beans.

Add some water if you need to and allow to cook.

Imagine the number of nutrients you will get from eating waakye. The leaves have many health benefits, and rice is a carbohydrate food, beans are also full of proteins. Waakye is eaten with tomato stew and shito, any fish or meat of your choice.

Many people sell waakye in different areas in Ghana you can buy from, but you can always prepare it yourself at home.

You can get waakye leaves to buy at any market near you. It doesn’t cost much to be healthy. Top your waakye with vegetable salad and enjoy

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