Top Travel Bloggers in Ghana

Travel blogging can be very expensive but exciting. You need to actually visit different destinations to capture the experience, take clear photographs and videos, gather vital information, and put it on an informative travel blog for people to read and share in your joy while learning a thing or two.

And this is anything but easy. It requires time, money, and utmost commitment, which is why bloggers who take their time to venture into this endeavour deserve enough recognition and perhaps accolades.

We took it upon ourselves to dig and find some of the most hardworking travel bloggers from Ghana, get into what they do, why you should follow them, where they have visited, and the overall relevance of their websites.

Akesse Moise Sanza


The owner of, Akesse Sanza, is one of the best travel bloggers in Ghana. His website is home to many travel news, information on Ghana’s tourism, and a source of more relevant travel tips.

He also touches on issues of aviation, acquiring visas, and migration, among others. Akesse was the highest-earning Ghanaian blogger in 2017, and Avance media ranked him the 10th among 50 top bloggers in Ghana in the year 2018.

The most exciting part of his blogging is information Ghanaians and whoever follows him about destinations he has conquered, new things he has learned, how much money you need to visit a particular place, good travel tips, etc.

He tells us about his visit to Thailand, where football is played on the water! His visit to Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, the Bagamoya Wildlife Estate, and others. Fly with for more


Edem is a writer, educator, and traveller from Ghana. She has experienced over 45 countries and has lived in three so far. She shares her travel experiences, including places she has visited, her experience with racism as a black traveller, and information on how to get travel visas, among others, through her Vamejo website.

Her destinations are numerous, hence the innumerable content on her website. She provides an in-depth view of places she has visited, where she stayed, who she met, what she ate, and summed it up with a few reasons why you should see the place.

She aims to change the narrative of Africa through her blogs and website and share tips to help you explore the world.

Edem allows you to share your travel experiences with her, and she will publish them on her blog for you. You can send her an email through [email protected] and visit her website and learn a little about travel, wet your travel appetite, and share her experience.


Melissa is a Ghanaian living in New Jersey, a travel and lifestyle blogger, influencer, and photographer. She also sponsors blog posts, social media posts, and brand ambassadorship services.

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She has visited many exciting places and inspires her audience to do so while giving them helpful travel tips to make their trips worthwhile.

Melissa also collaborates with brands that align with her missions and values. Her website is, and follow the link to discover and learn more.

Jennifer and Co

The Ghana Traveler is a website owned by Jennifer. She works together with four tour guides to publish informative articles on travel for foreigners who want to visit Ghana.

Do you want information on what you need to pack for travel? How to plan the perfect trip to Ghana or even know the best Airbnb room to book? She has got it all for you on her website

They can help you with private tours, group tours, travel guides, etc. It also doubles as a travel agency that can help you plan trips to Ghana. Everything you need to know before traveling to Ghana is on their website. 


There aren’t many travel bloggers in Ghana because, as we said before, it can be pretty expensive and time-consuming.

The list above is of the best travel bloggers in the country. If you need any travel information, to a particular country perhaps, you can find them on their website.

Travelling is essential, you are exposed to people, new cultures and experiences you have never had before, plus it is good for your mental health, which is just as important as your physical health.

All the relevant information you may need before travelling to Ghana or any other country is on these websites. Many people always have trouble with a travel visa, and these bloggers can help you fix it.

We have convinced you to start your blog perhaps.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section below.

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