Where to buy Day Old Chicks in Ghana

There are a few suppliers of day-old chicks in Ghana, and we will introduce you to four of the best. There are international suppliers as well, but what happened to patronizing Ghanaian goods? Besides, their day-old chicks are more expensive.

Read on to know the top suppliers of newly hatched chicks in Ghana.

Buying newly hatched chicks for your poultry farm is essential. One chick costs less than GHS 10. You can buy a few depending on your budget.


Day-old chicks that have been fed well and housed can grow up to be broiler chickens, and these are chickens used for meat(chicken meat) only. They can also grow up to become layers. Layers are chickens that lay eggs. And can also become breeders mating poultry.

Below are our top picks for the best places you can buy day-old chicks in Ghana, together with their contact information and more.

Darko Farms

Darko Farms is one of the largest suppliers of day-old chicks in the whole of the West African sub-region, distributing over 5,000,000 hatchings every year. They sell healthy broilers and layers as well.

Do you want a dressed chicken delivered to you? Darko farms should be your first choice. They work in a clean and hygienic environment. They also supply eggs for hotels, restaurants, and homes across the country.

The good health of the day-old chicks is guaranteed. They are also into importation of their poultry products.

Call them on 030 393 3132(Accra) / 032 202 4372(Kumasi) / 032 209 8425

Send an email through sdarkofarms.com

Holland Akokor

They sell the best and healthy day-old chicks and animal feeds, working hand in hand with international relations in agribusiness in Holland and South Africa.

They say that they “consistently comply with international standards and guidelines to ensure quality in all our services.” They also provide consultation services to guide poultry owners to help sustain their business.

Their day-old chicks have been vaccinated against diseases like Gumboro, infectious bronchitis, MaRisk, and Hitchner B1. They have a variety of chicks, including Lohmann Brown Classic, Lohmann White LSL, Hyline Brown, among others.

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Call them on 024 446 1473 for more information.

Or send an email through [email protected].

Akate Farms and Trading company limited

Their products include broiler and layer chickens, day-old chicks, fresh eggs, and ground chicken and turkey. Akate also rears hoof ruminants. They are into fish farming and crop production, thus, plantain, mango, and plantain cultivation.

Their day-old chicks are from certified incubators. They are healthy and will arrive healthily. Akate is bent on delivering the best of service to their customers.

Call them on 032 207 1246 for more information

They are located at Dote Junction, Kumasi.

Akro Farms

Since 2019, they have been involved in egg production, distribution of healthy day-old chicks, feed production, and manure.

Their day-old chicks are hatched in a ” hospital-like” environment, from what they call a 40,000 capacity international standard hatchery unit where sensors are used to detect infertile eggs and temperature in incubators are adjusted to bring the embryos to an optimum temperature.

Their feeds are affordable and infused with the right nutrients. Akron Farms are into quality and sustainability. You are assured of nothing but the best.

Call them on 024 440 3090 for more information and clarity

Or visit them at Adawso- Apasare.

Taking Care of The Day Old Chicks

You can call any of these suppliers, and they will deliver. Many Ghanaians have trusted their service. Once your day-old chicks arrive, what do you do? How do you take care of them, so they don’t die? Here are a few things you can do to take care of your hatchlings;

These chicks thrive at a good temperature. Please do not leave them chilled. The brooder should have a warm temperature. The first few weeks are delicate, and you will need to pay more attention to them.

Just like a child, what you feed them when they arrive is very important to their growth and well-being. Do not forget to refill their feeders and waterers. Introduce them to water as soon as they arrive.

Visit the brooder house regularly and check for sick and dead chicks. Also, clean the environment.

Protect them against predators like dogs and snakes. Keep the brooder house safe and well ventilated as well.

The suppliers will also give you a guide to how to care for them. Follow it strictly so as not to make losses. The poultry business is very lucrative. If you are thinking about starting a poultry farm, you can make so much money out of it.

Depending on the breed of chicken you choose, how you take care of them, and who you distribute them to, you can get rich owning a poultry farm. Good luck!

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