Top Scholarships for Senior High School Students in Ghana (Apply Now)

Scholarship schemes have helped thousands of students in Ghana. Students who are intelligent but lack financial support, students in the rural areas, and those who are homeless.

Sometimes, accessing these programs can be difficult, that is why the Asetena team has compiled a list of some of the best scholarship schemes in Ghana.

Sometimes these scholarships are not only given to brilliant but needy students, some of them are structured to cater to a certain gender, like a scholarship scheme for girls to study engineering or architecture, some schemes are also structured to give academic assistance to students who participated in quizzes or extracurricular activities and excelled. Once you meet their requirement, you can apply.


Below are our top picks for the scholarship schemes for senior high school students in Ghana.

Galaxy International School Scholarship Scheme

Galaxy International is already empowering students “with practical education opportunities through comprehensive curricular and co-curricular programmes using state-of-the-art technology”. It is one of the best schools in the country and they have introduced their scholarship scheme to help brilliant but needy students.

Their scholarship opportunity is for Primary 6, and JHS3/Cambridge Y9 students. It ranges from 100% and 25%. If you are brilliant, all you need is to take an examination to test your knowledge and eligibility

You can go to the school with your ward at East Legon with a valid identification card and 2 passport-size pictures or fill an online application form using the link:

Registration is still ongoing and will close on 26th June 2021. If you miss it, you can always apply next year.

Bayport Award Scheme

Bayport has been providing trusted financial services to Ghanaians for a very long time, aside from that, they introduced a scholarship award scheme in 2007 to financially assist brilliant but needy students of teachers registered under the Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT).

Brilliant wards of teachers from all the regions in Ghana. They award this scholarship every year. Each scholarship lasts for seven years, three years in Senior High School, and four years in University or Polytechnic.

You are automatically eligible if one of your parents is a teacher, aside from that, you will need to have excelled in your Basic Education Certificate Examination and according to Bayport, they will award the scholarship to students from an economically disadvantaged background.

Camfed Ghana

Since 1998, Camfed has been awarding scholarships to brilliant but needed girls in Ghana. They started in the Northern Region, assisting female students financially but have extended their kind hands to females in 37 other districts in the country as of 2021.

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The foundation is against child marriage, exploitation of girls, and unsafe work. Camfed has sent over 90,000 students into second-cycle schools covering their school fees and other basic needs such as sanitary wear, books, pens, bikes, disability aids, boarding fees, and more.

They have also assisted 123,042 primary school students financially.

You can donate to the good course by visiting their website for more information on how to apply for a scholarship with Camfed, call them on +233 (0)3720 24516/ +233 (0)3720 22195

MTN Bright Scholarship

The network provider has been providing sponsorship programs for deserving students all over the years. This particular scholarship scheme is designed for undergraduate students.

This means, you should have excelled in your WASSCE, with at least a credit score in three core and elective subjects including mathematics and science, and have been accepted into a university in the country. MTN will assist you with your tuition, accommodation, and stipends.

Visit any of MTN offices to apply or apply online using the link and do not forget to attach the one-page letter stating the reason(s) why MTN should award the scholarship to you.

For more information, visit their website


The above are all legit foundations and programmes that offer scholarships to brilliant students. You can always apply to shoot your shot.

There are many brilliant but needy students in Ghana, we see some of them on the internet, making cars and airplanes with materials they find around them, students whose minds are out of this world, students who would be able to get a chance to work at NASA.

These foundations provide opportunities for such students. If you know of such brilliant students whose future is being wasted somewhere, be kind enough to help them.

If you will also like to donate to any of these foundations, visit their websites and go through the right channels to donate, you may be helping the next president of Ghana. If you are a parent and you are struggling financially but you have a brilliant child, try for him or her because education is everything.

If you know of any legitimate scholarship schemes that have not been listed here, leave a name in the comment and share this article with someone who might need it.

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