Top Places to Buy Used or ‘Store Reject’ clothes in Ghana at Affordable Prices

People buy used clothing because it is cheap and available everywhere in the market. These clothes are called ‘second-hand clothing,’ ‘broni w’awu’ or ‘foce.’ With as little as GHS 2.00, you can get used clothes. They are brought from countries like Australia, UK, the US, Italy, Korea, and China.

You can go to the various markets below to buy used clothing to wear or buy them in bulk to sell. Before that, is wearing used clothes safe?
Most of the time, some of the clothes are torn, you can get skin diseases if you wear these clothes without washing them first despite strict disinfection regulations.

You and I know that finding a fitting, beautiful, and strong used dress in the market can be very tiresome. Apart from finding thrift clothes on the internet, you can find used clothes in the following areas in Ghana:

  • Kantamanto Market in Accra (the main hub for used clothing in Ghana)
  • Accra Rawlings Park
  • Ashaiman Market
  • Dansoman Market
  • Kaneshie
  • Tema Community 1 Market
  • And other local markets.

Used clothes are available everywhere in the country. People buy them in bulk from its hub in Kantamanto and take them round under the sun to sell.

The business is quite lucrative. Because you buy them at a cheap price and sell them by adding something to it, it is one business that the youth is engaging in nowadays.

There are many thrift stores on Instagram nowadays. It is easy to buy from these stores, but you may buy only one dress but will sometimes need to buy a delivery fee that is two times the item you bought, which is a loss for you.

If you are planning to buy the ‘first selection’ of these used clothes, I will advise you to go to any of the markets above, very early in the morning to buy.

It is cheap. Many people feel uncomfortable buying thrift clothes, calling them cheap and dirty. Still, with used clothing, you can go shopping on a low budget, and you are likely to get clothes you will actually like, many clothes for that matter.

Kantamanto is the best place to buy used clothing at affordable prices, especially if you wish to buy in bulk. Even though the market has faced threats of eviction, it is one of the oldest and renowned markets in the country.

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