Top Natural Hair Products and Their Uses (2021)

Maintaining and caring for natural kinky or afro-textured hair can be a real hustle, that is why many Ghanaian women took to perming their hair when relaxers were introduced, up till now, some women still prefer to relax their natural hair even with the introduction of new and improved kinky hair products.

Say goodbye to frizzy, hard, and boring hair by using these new products to care for your big hair and fall in love with its glory all over again. Whether you already have natural hair or you are in the transition process, these products will work wonders for you. No matter how stubborn your hair is, proper maintenance and care will strengthen, boost and grow your hair in no time.

Below are the products and several brands you can choose from. There is no harm in trying a new brand of hair care product in your hair, you might never know which one would be the best for you if you don’t try. If you cannot find some of these products in Ghana, there are online shops you can order them from, that will deliver to you from abroad.

Leave-in conditioner


leave-in or leave-on conditioners are used for frizzy, dry, and damaged hair to help moisturize and detangle hair easily. Using leave-in conditioner in hair that has been damaged and broken from bleaching and discoloration can help revitalize and restore your hair. After washing your hair, pat dry and apply the conditioner.

Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

Some of the best leave-in conditioner brands include Hotfrog leave-in conditioner, Dark and Lovely Leave-in conditioner, Carol’s daughter’s almond milk leave-in conditioner, all available between GHS 17.00 to GHS 30.00 on Jumia or any cosmetic shop.


Use shampoo to wash and remove dirt, grease, and natural pollutant from the hair to protect it from scalp damage, dandruff, and bad smell. The shampoo helps detangle hair and makes it easier to comb. This should have been the first on the list because shampoo is always used before the conditioner.

How to use it? Squirt a generous amount of shampoo to damp her, with a focus on the scalp and massage to remove all dirt. Rinse thoroughly and dry. People with all types of hair can use shampoo.

Some of the best on the market are Hotfro shampoo, Argan oil moisture and shine shampoo, Cantu avocado hydrating shampoo. You can get any of these at GHS 25 to GHS 40, depending on the brand.

Hair Cream/ Styling Cream

hair cream nourishes, shines, and tames stray hairs. It keeps the hair soft and can be used together with essential oils for extra shine and pleasant fragrance. Some people prefer to use hair creams in damp hair, but your hair will style easier if you apply your cream in it when it’s dry.

The best on the market are Kuza Indian hemp for hair and scalp treatment, Coconut oil, and shear butter cream, El glittas hair wonder cream, and sunny isle Jamaican black castor oil hair food.

Curling cream

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enough with the up-do, kinky twists, and Bantu knots, define your beautiful curls and allow your hair to breathe.

Apply any curling cream of your choice generously into damp hair, coil, and twirl in strands to get the consistency you desire. Dry and watch them bounce. If you don’t want to use a curling cream, you can always use a DIY sleep-in curl method.

Say goodbye to boring hair, use Cantu Shear Butter and Coconut curling cream, WeNaturals coconut milk twist and curl souffle, Shea Moisture Coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie, or As I am curling jelly coil and curl definer.

Edge Control Styling Gel and Hair Spray

‘Lay them edges’ smoothly with the best edge control gel. A gel that does not cause your edges to break down. Eco styling gel, Moco De Gorilla snot gel, Cantu Strengthening styling gel, and Sunny isle edge control gel are a few you can choose from.

Hair spray, the finishing touch, sets your style into place while giving it the shine it needs. Makes your hair smell good as well. Hair sprays fight frizz and locks up your hair in place. One popular hair spray we use here in ghana is the Olive Oil nourishing sheen spray.


There are many products on the market, not all of them will be good for you. The ones mentioned in the article are products that are cheaper and can be found here in Ghana. You can look for other products that are used by Black Americans, but keep in mind that they have different hair textures.

Some other ways to care for your hair are, using hair masks, using aloe very in your hair, spraying it with rice water regularly to help it grow long and strong. Do not use harsh chemicals in your hair, make you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

Don’t forget to take a selfie with your beautiful, strong, and big hair.

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