Top Motorcycle Riding Training Schools in Accra

Two thousand motorcycle crashes were recorded in the first quarter of 2021. Many people are losing their lives in motorcycle accidents every day, others are losing their limbs and their self-confidence. Why is this happening?

One factor we can all pin down is that many roads in the country are bad. That is established, but many people drive recklessly in Ghana as well. A lot of individuals who stayed outside the country for a long time will tell you that, Ghanaian roads are death traps, but that is one thing.

The other is the fact that many drivers will never be allowed to drive in other countries because they lack the training and discipline on the road.


A lot of these “okada” drivers do not even have licenses. They don’t know anything about road signs, they learned how to ride motorcycles from their friends and many of them ride these bikes just for the hype, but real motorcycle enthusiasts, call this activity of riding a motorbike a sport.

It is about time people learn to ride cars and motorcycles the right way. That is why we compiled a list of the best training schools to give riders knowledge about the sport.

Toptech Ghana

Toptech Ghana’s goal is to equip students/bikers with the right skills and techniques through expert advice, theory lessons, and on-cycle instructions. Toptech says their teaching technique is based solely on “patience and attention”. This is one of the best schools in the country, they promise a safe and successful experience.

Location: Opposite La General Hospital, Accra.

Phone : 030 277 9652/ 055 320 4099

Gear Shift Academy

Gear Shift Academy teaches you to ride the right way. They conduct sessions where they teach individuals how to stay focused when riding, how to put on riding gears, advice on routine maintenance of motorcycles among others. They say that whether you are a novice or veteran, there are still many things you need to learn. Gear Shift Academy have experienced instructors who have all the patience in the world to help you.

Location: Adamfo Link, Accra.

Phone : 024 352 5782/ 055 170 0700

Email: [email protected]

High Grade Driving Centre

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High Grade Driving Centre is one of the best driving schools in Ghana. The school is DVLA-approved. They teach you how to ride motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles, among others. The school has experienced instructors to help you at affordable prices. High Grade Driving Centre is also a member of the Ghana National Association of Driving Schools.

Location : Mamprobi, Accra

Phone : 024 794 6645/ 020 812 9154/ 054 980 7919

Ghana Driving School

Since 2010, Ghana Driving Schools has trained thousands of individuals to drive and be confident on the road. They teach all categories of drivers. Motorcycles, heavy-duty, saloon cars, and more. The school says its goal is to deliver “effective and professional results without compromising on creativity and vision”. If you are looking for a school where you can learn to ride a motorcycle the right way, this is one of the best options.

Location: Adenta

Phone : 020 624 2422/ 054 839 4152

Email: [email protected]

How to Apply for Motorcycle License After Training in Ghana

After training, you are good to hit the road, but you need a license to do so. The process is not tedious. All you need to do is to visit the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority to get application forms. You will need GHS 300 or less to get the license. Learners permit, road sign test and driving test are what you are paying for. This amount is different from what you will pay to the school you choose to train at.

What Can be Done to Decrease Motorcycle Crashes in Ghana

The first and most important thing is to enforce laws that prohibit individuals without licenses and the right to education from riding motorcycles. Individuals who aren’t trained to ride motorcycles should not be allowed to use the road.

The public needs to be educated on the dangers of riding motorcycles without the proper training. Teaching people to ride is one thing. They need to be thought how to properly maintain their motorcycles, wear safety gear, respect traffic lights, and ride safely. It is hard to see many individuals, especially the youth, losing their lives because they lack the training. They need to be educated.

More motorcycle riding training schools need to be established. There aren’t many schools at the moment but if the government and established individuals can invest in this project, it will be very helpful.


Learn to ride the right way. Even cars are barely surviving on the roads, how much more motorcycles. The roads are already risky, but with the proper training, you can drive diligently and arrive home safely every single day.

Arrive in peace, not in pieces. Learn to ride the right way.

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