Top Montessori Schools in Accra

Montessori education is a unique and innovative approach to learning that aims to cultivate a child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world.

Montessori educational method focuses on fostering independence, self-discipline, and a love for learning.

The Montessori approach is child-centered, meaning that it recognizes and respects the individuality of each child. It encourages them to learn at their own pace and follow their own interests, creating an environment that is conducive to their overall growth and development.

Why choosing the right Montessori school is important

  1. Choosing the right Montessori school for your child is crucial as it sets the foundation for their educational journey.
  2. A good Montessori school will provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that promotes active learning, creativity, and critical thinking.
  3. By selecting a top Montessori school in Accra, you are ensuring that your child receives the best possible education.
  4. These schools are known for their experienced teachers who have undergone thorough Montessori training.
  5. They understand the philosophy and principles of Montessori education, enabling them to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment.

Top Montessori Schools in Accra

1. Faith Montessori

With a controlled student population of
660 students, the school proudly ensures
that every student who gets admitted into
the FAITH Family considers himself/herself
extremely fortunate.

The Student-Teacher ratio of 13:1 guarantees that students get the maximum attention and support needed at all times.

Visit Faith Montessori official website for more info

2. Hillview Montessori

Hillview Montessori is a unique, independent school founded by individuals with a vision of excellent supervisory Montessori education.

The aims, philosophies and even the facilities reflect the heritage of the school and the vision of its founders.

Visit Hill View Montessori official website for more info

3. Startrite Montessori

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Startrite Montessori School was conceived as a private teaching and learning facility by a couple (Prof. and Mrs Quartey) who recognized with passion, the stress of finding the right educational facility for children and also child care for professional parents returning to work.

Visit Startrite Montessori official website for more info

4. Beautiful Beginning Montessori

Based on the firm belief that every child is an individual with the potential for excellence, Beautiful Beginning have instituted measures to guarantee the successful delivery of the
educational programme.

Visit Beautiful Beginning Montessori’s page for more info

5. Westfield Montessori School

The educational philosophy behind the
Westfield School programme is based on
the pillars of Responsibility, Discipline,
Excellence, Morality, Leadership and
Integrity all centered on a solid foundation
of Christian values.

Visit Westfield Montessori official website for more info

6. Juice’s Montessori School

Juices Montessori school believes the Montessori education system for children under 6 years of age gives children the best opportunity to develop their innate potential and they promises not to stop until they make Montessori education available to more children in this beautiful and rapidly developing country of Ghana.

Visit Juice’s Montessori School official website for more info

7. Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House is Accra’s premier Montessori Nursery School purpose-built and was accredited by The Montessori Centre lnternational (MCI) in 2002..

Under the watchful eyes of highly trained and caring teachers and assistants, children explore and learn using audio, visual, and kinesthetic senses.

Visit Gingerbread House Montessori School official website for more info

8. Little Explorers Montessori Plus

The Little Explorers opened its doors in 2007, when 2 passionate Montessorians, Karine McVeigh and Kamilla Kirpalani, dared to dream to create the 1st true accredited Montessori school in West-Africa.

Little Explorers is currently home to 195 pupils from 36 different countries, aging from 15 months to 6½ years old!

Visit Litltle Explorers Montessori School official website for more info

9. Oasis Montessori Schools

Oasis is a well in the dessert. It has another meaning as a situation that is so different from its surrounding especially in a comforting way and that is what we stand for.

Oasis are poised to offer to the children, something unique yet in a comforting and loving way.

Visit Oasis Montessori School online for more info

10. God’s Grace International Montessori School

At God’s Grace International School, Our mission is to work with parents and the community to promote the overall growth and development of each child; namely academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that he/she will become a productive, healthy, well-adjusted and well-behaved member of the society.

Visit Oasis Montessori School online for more info

Factors to consider when choosing a Montessori School for your child

1. Philosophy and Approach

Montessori schools follow a unique educational philosophy and approach. It is important to understand and align with the school’s philosophy to ensure it resonates with your own educational values and goals.

2. Accreditation and Certification

Look for Montessori schools that are accredited by recognized organizations. Certification ensures that the school follows the standards and practices established by these organizations.

3. Teacher qualifications and experience

Inquire about the qualifications and experience of the teachers at potential schools. Teachers should hold Montessori-specific certifications and have relevant experience working with children in a Montessori environment.

4. Classroom environment

Montessori classrooms are typically organized, calm, and filled with age-appropriate materials that encourage exploration and independent learning. The space should be inviting and promote a sense of community among the children.

5. Parent involvement and communication

Montessori education emphasizes collaboration between teachers, parents, and students. Look for schools that encourage parental involvement through regular updates, parent-teacher conferences, and opportunities to participate in the school community.


Choosing the right Montessori school for your child is a significant decision that can shape their educational journey. By selecting a top Montessori school in Accra, you are providing your child with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

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