Top Markets in Greater Accra & Goods You Can Get There

For every economy to grow, one of the vital things it needs is a market. Yes, market. Many people do not see the importance of market, but when you deeply analyze it, you will realize that markets contribute largely to the growth of the economy.

The Greater Accra region, the smallest but one of the most populated regions in Ghana is where the capital city of Ghana is located at. In this small region, there are hundreds of markets spread throughout the region.

Some of these markets are minor markets, and some of them are also major markets. The major markets are the ones that are publicly known by almost everyone in the region and the country at large.


Markets in Ghana are not like those in other countries. In Ghana, it is very rare for you to find a market that sells only one range of products. Almost all the markets in Ghana deals with a different range of products.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the top markets in Greater Accra and the goods you get there.

In no particular order, below are the top markets in Greater Accra and goods you can get there.

Makola Market

Can you talk about markets in the Greater Accra region without talking about the Makola market? No, that is not possible.

Makola market is one of the most popular markets in the Greater Accra region and the entire country as a whole. Located in the capital of the Greater Accra region, the Makola market is a very busy and highly populated marketplace, especially on weekdays and Saturdays.

On Sundays, due to church services, most people do not go to the market and that is the only time you can heart some quietness at Makola. On the busy days, you will find kitchenware, raw foodstuff, shoes, shirts, sneakers, suits, dresses, bags, jewellery, books and stationery, and most importantly textiles.

Whenever you are in the Greater Accra region and you want to find a place to buy textiles, then you just need to go to Makola market. There, you can find almost every textile that has been made in Ghana and even those from outside Ghana.

Kantamanto Market

The Kantamanto market is unarguably one of the top markets in Ghana. The main reason it is known is because of the items they sell.

The main goods you will find in the Kantamanto market are clothes (both fresh and second-hand), jeans, shoes, and sneakers. Most of the celebrities in Ghana obtain their fine shirts and shoes from the Kantamanto market.

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Agbogbloshie Market

The Agbogbloshie market is one of the biggest commercial markets in the Greater Accra region. Just like most of the markets in Ghana, the market is governed by several traders’ association heads and their queen mother.

The queen mother of the market is the trader who has been assigned by the traders to check the affair of the market. If anyone is misbehaving or acting contrary to the rules set by the traders’ association, it is the duty of the queen mother to bring that person to order.

Inside the Agbogbloshie market, the main items sold here are raw food products. For example, pepper, onion, garden eggs, fish, meat, plantain, yam, cassava, tomatoes, and any other food ingredient you could think of.

Kaneshie Central Market

The Greater Accra region is known by many as the smallest region in Ghana. But even that, it appears to be very big when you are in it, and one of the top markets in it is the Kaneshie Central Market (also called Kaneshie Market Complex).

The Kaneshie Central Market consists of stalls, shops, racks, street hawkers, and street vendors. It is also one of the biggest market complexes in the entire country.

In here, you can find almost anything you could think of buying. From clothing, foodstuff, raw food materials, processed food materials, shoes, sneakers, bags, soaps, toiletries, detergents, etc.

Madina Market

Madina is one of the popular towns in the Greater Accra Region, and one of the reasons why it is popularly known by many is the market. Just like the Agbogbloshie and several other markets in Ghana, it is governed by leaders of the traders’ associations and the queen mother.

Legally, all these people have been given the necessary approval from the government and as such, can do their jobs without any interference. If you would like to sell your items in the market, you will have to meet the queen mother before you can be approved.

Inside the market, some people sell in shops, stalls, and those who sell on the side of the road. Before entering the market, you will find street vendors selling their items at the entrance into the market.

Some of the goods you will find at Madina Market include clothing, underwear for both males and females, shoes and sneakers, food ingredients, jeans, shirts, slippers, and a whole lot of other goods.


Ghana and for that matter, the Greater Accra region has some of the best markets in entire West Africa. In this article, I have shown you some of the top markets in the Graeter Accra region.

Whenever you are in Greater Accra, feel free to tour around these markets and you will have a very good market experience.

Have you ever been to any of these markets, feel free and share your experience with us in the comments section below?

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