Top IT & Technology Companies in Ghana

Technology has been proven to be the future of the world. Technology has dominated the world for the past few years.

Ghana, on the other hand, has gotten its fair share of technology. In Ghana, some amazing IT & Technology companies are working hard to put Ghana on the map.

In this article, we have listed in no particular order, some of the top IT & Technology companies in Ghana.

Compu Ghana


We can never about technology in Ghana without mentioning the companies that sell IT and technological equipment. One of such leading companies is Compu Ghana.

Compu Ghana is a Ghanaian IT company that sells original IT and technology products and accessories, as well as provide IT services.

They provide free shipping for all products bought from their shop to any location in Accra and Tema. They also have a money-back guarantee policy for all products purchased from any of their shops nationwide.

To serve Ghanaians well, Compu Ghana has strategically placed its shops in different parts of the country.

The Accra, Osu, and Spintex branches are supposed to serve those in the southern and eastern sectors. While the Kumasi and Takoradi branches serve those in the Northern and Western sectors respectively.

Below is the contact info for Compu Ghana:

Main office: Mark Coffie House, Oxford Street Osu, Accra, Ghana

Email: [email protected]

Websoft Solutions

Websoft Solutions is one of the top IT companies operating in Ghana. The team of young and energetic workers at Websoft Solutions works hard to give you the result you need.

Websoft specializes in the development of software, websites, mobile apps, and interactive multimedia. Their clientele base cuts across all the major sectors of the country.

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This ranges from energy, banking and finance, oil & gas, aviation, entertainment, and also some sectors of government.

Their head office is located at Cambodia Estate, Adjacent Eden Tree, Community 18 Tema, Accra, Ghana.

You can reach them on 0277811250, 0246824458 on WhatsApp and phone respectively, or, you can write to them via email on [email protected] or via P.O Box KN 609, Kaneshie, Accra.

Msoft Ghana Limited

The next company on our list is Msoft Ghana Limited. Msoft Ghana Ltd is also one of the leading IT companies that are working hard to put Ghana on the map.

With over seven (7) years of experience in the IT in the Ghanaian IT industry, Msoft has gained a broad client base all over Ghana. The Msoft Ghana Limited team comprises of young tech and non-techies who come together to help their clients.

They provide quality and affordable software solutions in the Education sector, Financial sector, Hospitality sector, Pharmaceutical, Health sector, Religious sector, etc. All these software packages are developed here in Ghana by software engineers at Msoft Ghana Limited.

Aside from the software solutions, they also provide services on the web and the development of mobile apps. Also, they have a web hosting & domain website known as

One interesting thing about Msoft Ghana is that, if you want to purchase any of their software packages but you don’t have the full money, you will be provided with a flexible payment term.

Also, you get the exclusive privilege of testing all the software before you decide whether to purchase it or not. How many companies provide this?

You can locate them at 5 S Ridge Road, Accra. You can also reach them on +233(0) 245 168 718 or via email at [email protected]

The SoftTribe Limited

SoftTribe Limited is one of the companies on our list with several years of experience. The SoftTribe has been in existence for over 20 years in the Ghanaian IT industry.

They provide their clients (both individuals and companies) in Ghana and West Africa with cost-effective business solutions.

Their team comprises of technical, program management, HR, administration, project team, etc. all of whose aim is to satisfy the client’s needs and wants.

Since 2003, SoftTribe has partnered with some of the major leading IT industry players like Microsoft to enhance their services to suit their client’s needs.

Internationally, they have been nominated and have won several awards as a result of their hard work and determination.

Their office is located at Quartey Papafio Avenue, Airport Residential Area and you can walk in during normal business hours. You can also reach them on +233 244 313 767 or [email protected]

IPMC Ghana

The last but not least company on our list is IPMC Ghana. IPMC Ghana has been in the Ghanaian tech industry for over 3 decades in Ghana and across West Africa.

IPMC is one of the leading companies that develop the digital economy in the West African sub-region. They can do so through their years-long experience in systems integration, software development, and IT skill development programs.

They have partnered with leading industries in banking & finance, oil, and petroleum, telecommunications, trading, manufacturing, etc. Also, they have a training school where you can learn about some IT and tech skills.

They can be located at 62 Kojo Thompson Road, Adabraka, Accra – Ghana. You can reach them on +233 302 226 80/90 or [email protected]


The companies on our list are not the only IT companies in Ghana. Some other IT companies are also working very hard for the Ghanaian economy.

One of the reasons why some of these companies do not survive is the poor support from the government.

Once the government rallies its support behind these IT companies, Ghana could be competing with other international companies in IT.

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