Top 7 Outdoor Places to Rent for Events in Accra

For your special day to be memorable, you need a beautiful place with a conducive environment. There are many places with outdoor piazzas and gardens for you to have your programs at.

Be it a birthday party, anniversaries, fashion shows, concerts or food festivals, choose any of the following places, they are not only the best places to hold your programs, but they offer the best services, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here are our top picks with their contact information;

The Savannah Gardens


For “a level of style and sophistication unsurpassed by all,” choose Savannah Gardens for all your outdoor events.

They have enough space for all events and conferences, needed types of equipment, and one of the best event planning teams to offer the best services.

The Savannah Gardens will meet your expectations. They have discount offers, there is a parking lot, and the atmosphere is good enough.

Savannah Gardens is located at East Cantonments, Accra.

Call 030 276 6917/ 055 257 1523 for more information

Send an Email through [email protected]

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

Kempinski is a 5-star hotel with the “largest meeting facilities with 2500sqm of events and meeting space”. They have a luxurious and beautiful atmosphere.

There is free parking, and the place is disability-friendly as well. The services offered are just numerous. For an unforgettable experience on your special day, choose Kempinski Hotel. Once you have enough in your pockets, you will be satisfied.

Kempinski event centers have a touch of class. Top-notch.

Located at Ministries, Accra.

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Call 024 243 6000 for more information and to make reservations as well

Email [email protected]

Accra Marriott Hotel

This hotel has places that are good for both outdoor and indoor events. It is built with relaxation, leisure, and luxury in mind. They have versatile event venues. 800sqm. They also have one of the best event planning teams you can hire.

The hotel is located on Liberation Road, Near Accra Mall.

Call 030 273 8000/ 030 273 8029

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel

Movenpick Hotel is another 5-star hotel with one of the best grand piazza and garden for your outdoor event in a conducive atmosphere. It accommodates many guests with event planners and offers several services to you.

They have a restaurant and bars, conference and meeting halls as well. It is a 5-star hotel, keep in mind that their services are pretty expensive.

Location: independence Avenue, Ridge

Call: 030 261 1000/ 030 261 1101

Email: [email protected]

Giles Conference Centre

Green, serene, clean with a touch of class. For your special day to be memorable, be at St. Giles. It is also one of the best and budget-friendly event centers.

Their event center can accommodate many guests, and they also offer other services.

They are located at East Airport, Accra.

Call 024 265 8033 for more information.

Email: [email protected]

Cleaver House Ltd

Cleaver house is also one of the best places for outdoor events. It is serene and hosts up to 1500 guests. It is a pavilion, pool, and conference room.

Located in a clean environment. Cleaver House will fulfill all your demands, and it is also a beautiful place for photographers to go for photoshoots.

Location: Barnes Road, Accra.

Call 030 293 7320 for more information

Royal Almond Garden Event Centre

Royal Almond has a well-spaced area to accommodate many guests with a great environment. Meets your budget.

Location: Baatsona, Spintex

Phone: 024 470 6944

There are other places you can rent for your outdoor events, like;

  • Best western premier
  • Holiday inn, Accra


Finding the right place for your outdoor event shouldn’t be tiring. Many sites offer the same service or close to the same service at different fees.

It would be best to look out for some things when selecting that ideal event center for your memorable day. They include the quality dining facilities, the location where the event center is located is essential.

Is it located at a place where your guests will be able to identify without difficulty? Does it have a beautiful environment?

The services and amenities are also essential. Do they offer discounts on their services? Will they provide chairs, tables, and canopies for the events, or will you have to bring them yourself? Is there a parking lot? Is the place disability-friendly? You need to consider the capacity; thus, how many people can the site accommodate?.

Cost flexibility is also essential. For indoor events, you should consider ambience and architecture.

Choose a place you can afford and a place that would meet your expectations at the same time. For those who can’t foot the cost of most of these event centers and hotels, you can always have your small events on a large compound at home; it costs less.

But for more significant events, you will need to rent a place.

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