Top 5 Hotels in Ho, Volta Region

The Volta region is undoubtedly the most beautiful region in Ghana, it’s a fact no one can argue with, don’t get us wrong, the fifteen other regions have their tourist attractions and hospitality industries.

Volta region has unique places you can visit, a grand economy and hospitable people. when you are on a visit to the region’s capital, there are numerous hotels you can book for leisure and business but we want to introduce you to the best, the best five that will give you value for your money. We will give you reasons why you should choose them.

Our top picks are;

Volta Serene Hotel


Sitting pretty atop the lush Kabakaba hill, located in the capital of the region is Volta Serene Hotel. While at this 4-star hotel, you get a grand view of the Ho township, and at night, it’s just magical!

They have 150 apartments, comprising of modest deluxe room and a fully furnished three-bedroom apartment. With elegant interiors, free wifi, flat-screen TVs, and full air-conditioning you’re comfortable at Volta Serene Hotel.

They have conference rooms as well, so you and your business partners are welcome to stay. And oh, there’s a big pool, and a nightclub as well.

The famous Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary isn’t far from the hotel, you can go out and meet some friendly monkeys. Volta Serene provides an airport shuttle to bring you home.

For reservations, call +233 3620 28805

Location: Kabakaba Hill, Ho.

Skyplus Hotel and Resorts

The second on our list is Skyplus Hotel. Do you know that with as little as GHS200, you can book a room at this hotel?. Their apartments, suites, and executive villas are designed with attention to detail.

The hardworking team at Skyplus hotel and resorts will plan your business meetings and conferences. See the capital from the hotel. Skyplus says you should “come experience Ghanaian hospitality at its best”.

 This is the best part, there is s big and clean swimming pool for you. The good food at their restaurant is exactly what you need to satisfy your hunger, and the night view is romantic and perfect. For your honeymoon, business conference, and exhibition, Skyplus is the place to be.

For reservations, call +233 3620 91474/ +233 208 113 379

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Location: Weta Hills, off Klefe Road, Ho.

Freedom Hotel

Freedom Hotel says they have rooms starting at GHS 220 a night. They have rooms and amenities that you will absolutely love.

 Freedom Hotel has first-class furnished rooms, with air-conditioning, a fridge, flatscreen tv, water heater, city lights, and many more! Excellent culinary services, they serve mouth-watering local and continental dishes.

There is a swimming pool, live band music, a well-stocked cocktail bar, and 3 conference galls for your corporate events. For relaxation, leisure and business, choose freedom hotel and you will not regret it.

Location: Ho-Nyive Road, Ho

Phone: +233 3620 28158

Mobile: +233 209 792 562

Chances Hotel

Chances Hotel is also one of the best in the capital. Lying at the base of Kabakaba Hill, you’re close to nature while staying at Chances Hotel. There are exquisite rooms designed for your comfort.

There are conference rooms as well, with needed resources for your corporate events. The restaurant at the hotel has experienced chefs who make delicious local and continental dishes that you will love. And guess what? There is a shopping mall, yes, a shopping mall where you can purchase food, clothes, furniture, electronics and more!

 It gets even better, there is a fitness center with all the necessary types of equipment and qualified gym instructors, to help you get in shape. What else can you ask for? Because Chances has got it all.

Location: Kabakaba Hill, Ho

Phone: +233 3620 28344

Mobile: +233 202 834 444

Email: [email protected]

African Hill Resort

At African Hill Resort, you get to stay in relaxation and spacious rooms while getting a view of the Ho township. There are good food and drinks as well. One of the best things about this hotel is the big and clean Akorfa swimming pool.

The thrilling environment is perfect for hiking and camping. The hotel has been designed beautifully, one reason why it is a perfect place for photoshoots. You can get all this at an affordable price at African Hill Resort.

For reservations, call

Phone: +233 3622 90051

WhatsApp: +233 248 691 674

Manager: +233 208 267 501

Email (s): [email protected]/ [email protected]


For comfortability and elegance, it’s important to choose the best, if you have enough in your pockets. If you get the chance to visit the Volta Region and you need a place to relax on your visit, choose any hotels you see in this article.

 There are many more that also have good facilities and comfortable rooms but if you want the best of the best, the above are out top five.

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