Top 10 Tips on How to Approach a Lady for the First Time

You are here because you have been looking to talk to this ‘fine ger’ in your hood, school, or workplace. Still, you just can’t work up the courage to do so because you basically don’t know how to or are afraid the lady would ‘bounce’ you. Fret not. We are here to help.

Approaching a lady for the first time shouldn’t be a daunting task. Even introverts who do not talk much or go out much sometimes muster the courage to speak to a woman they may want to be friends with.

We will provide you with ten helpful tips for approaching the girl for the first time. You might be thinking that ‘but every girl is different. What if this does not work with her’? Don’t worry, is it not Ghana we dey? Is it not a Ghanaian girl you are trying to approach? We have got you, well, even if it’s not a Ghanaian girl. Here is how to go about it;

Be funny


This thing about a funny guy that brings girls to their knees, not literally. A great sense of humor is a great start when you approach a lady. Be careful not to go over the board, though. Some girls are susceptible and overthink what you may say.

Try and humor her in a way you can. Even if she doesn’t laugh, laugh at your own joke. They like that. We cannot list some jokes or funny comments here for you to use, and we believe you can come up with them yourself. Remember, every girl likes a funny guy.

Use your Charm

Believe it or not, everyone has a charm. Something that makes you likable, what is yours? Don’t tell us you don’t know. Charm can come in many forms, and it can be your dimples, your smile, your voice, or even your laughter.

It stands out about you, and you have to use it when approaching a girl for the first time. But do not overdo it. You may come off as weird and needy. If your charm is in your eyes, make sure she looks at you and pays attention to them. If it is your smile, smile a lot. Be cute with her. She will love it.

Look the Part

Every girl likes a guy who cleans up nicely. If you are trying to approach this girl for the first time, you have been seeing her most of the time. You need to look good and even smell good to make a first impression.

A handsome guy with a good body will attract a girl, but a guy who dresses nicely without looks can draw a girl. Women are very observant, don’t fool yourself by trying to hide flaws, and she will notice it. Be genuine and look good.

Be Confident and Sweet

Many girls like a confident guy. A guy who will go all the way, be relentless, girls want to be chased, but some girls love shy and sweet guys. Whichever you are, don’t omit the latter. Compliment her by being adorable.

Tell her you love her hair and that her eyes are popping. You can even be confident enough to tell her she has a great backside. Girls like you are a little naughty too. Wait, not all of them. We believe you have been seeing this girl, so you know the kind of person she is. Compliment her, but don’t do it too much. You will ruin it.

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Be Generous

Where you choose to approach this girl is essential. Girls love a generous guy, so if you notice that she likes a particular thing, or she always goes to a specific shop to get something, be there before she comes and pays for her purchase. You can also buy her something she likes – it’s a good start.

It shows you can do well by taking good care of her if she becomes your friend or girlfriend. Ghanaian girls love money after all, but who doesn’t?

Learn How to Create a Conversation

If you need to form a whole conversation in your head before approaching this girl, do so. Don’t go about fumbling with words.

Even if you are not a very confident person, know how to start a conversation and thread along. While doing this, you can get her to trust you a little bit to feel safe by opening up and telling her a bit about yourself. Interesting facts.

Be Matured

If you approach a girl for the first time and she looks at you from head to toe and decides not to have a conversation with you, be the bigger person and either thread on confidently or leave politely, don’t scream obscenities behind her back, and act like a douchebag.

Sometimes the third time is the charm. When you talk to a lady for the first time, and she gives you an attitude, keep trying. Many people are going through a lot, and it shows in how they treat you, so be patient. She will come around.

Stalk Her a Bit

No one likes being stalked, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a little about this girl before you talk to her for the first time. Find out only harmless and shallow things about her, like say her name, where she works or schools, and stuff like that.

When you talk to her for the first time, hit her with some facts, she will be curious to know where you got that information and if there is more. Hold her by her curiosity and use that opportunity to even get to know her more.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Keep the whole conversation thing brief. If you are walking her home and you both reach the destination, don’t try to hold her back unless she decides to stay with you for a while. Ask for her number and leave.

No matter how interesting you think you are, have a limit when you talk to her for the first time. Let her savor it.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a good way of showing that you have confidence. It is an excellent way to know how the girl is feeling, and it makes you look more truthful and helps you keep your eyes from looking at other parts of her body.

As naughty as some girls may like you to be, others prefer modesty.

Approaching the girl shouldn’t be very difficult for you now. All you have to do is follow and master the tips we have provided. Try and see how it goes. Who knows?

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