Things to Look Out for When Buying a New Car in Ghana

We all know the excitement that comes with purchasing something new, be it a new house, a new mobile phone, or a new laptop. You want to go in for the newest brand, you want it to last long and you want the one that has new features.  In this case, you want to buy a new car and you are probably asking yourself, where should I start?

No one wants to buy a car that takes them to the workshop every two weeks. Read on and consider the factors that you should look at before buying that new Toyota Yaris, Lexus, Benz, or whichever car you prefer.

Inquire, Research and be Inquisitive


What brand of a car are you looking to buy? What are its notable features? What do you want to use the car for? Start by asking yourself these questions. Find answers on websites or talk to other car owners out there. Read about the brand of car you want, do not let your dealer outsmart you. 

You should know that you might not be the only one bargaining for that car, your dealer will try to rush you, but it is advisable to take your time to do enough research before giving in.

Compare Prices

Check on the price of the car you want to purchase from different dealers and online shops to compare and know the price range which will make it easier to negotiate with your dealer and allocate the right budget. 

Know that the price of an old car differs from the new one. Do not confuse the two.

Compatibility with Terrain

Did you know that cars are made for different markets in the world? Some cars are manufactured to meet the environment of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South, and North America. The manufacturer considers the road network, development in auto technology, fuel quality, and natural environment.

Cars made for Asian roads will not be suitable for Ghanaian Roads. Purchase one and visit the workshop every two weeks. 

Have it Inspected

Have a trusted and honest mechanic inspect the car before purchase. You might not know everything about this vehicle, which is why there are people called mechanical engineers who study cars and their parts. Have one inspect the new car to make sure there aren’t any problems with it.

Failure to do this, things will keep breaking down in the car all the time and you will end up spending more than the amount you bought the car with.

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Spare parts

Are spare parts of this car available in the country? If yes, are they of equally good quality? How much do they cost? This is one important thing to look at before making a purchase. You might end up changing your mind about buying that car at the end of the day.

Test Drive

After making sure all legal documents to your new car are intact, take it on a test drive with your mechanic. 

This is a very important step. Take the new car on a drive, listen to the engine, and make sure all the components are working very well. You are good to go.

Erata Motors, CFAO Ghana Limited, Swiss Group Limited, Hyundai World Ghana, Autochek are a few of many places you can purchase cars, be they new or old. After conducting your intensive research, get in contact with any of these automotive trading platforms to buy your car.

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