The Best Places to do National Service in Ghana

After completing your university education, you must do a mandatory one-year national service, and this means you will be working for the government for a whole year.

We know you are here because you probably know this already, but a little more information doesn’t hurt. The government will automatically post you to various institutions depending on the program you read in school, places they believe will help you build on your skills and knowledge.

Government advices graduates to “encourage the spirit of national service among all segments of Ghanaian society., particularly in towns and villages in the rural areas of Ghana”. Because the youth usually decline to post to rural areas because of the poor conditions of work facilities, they also believe there are no opportunities in those rural areas.


We will introduce you to a list of the best places to do your national service, areas where you are likely to be maintained after the services, and places with the necessary facilities and favorable conditions of work. 

Ghana Airport Company Limited

This state-owned company allows you to work at any of their branches, including Kotoka International Airport, Wa airport, Tamale Airport, Ho airport, Kumasi Airport, and other airstrips in the country. What did you study at the university? Is it engineering? IT? Or languages?

You can secure a slot at the airport. You get to work in a good environment, make new acquaintances, gain new experiences, and even have the opportunity to work at the company even after your service, which will depend on your work ethic.

The West African Examination Council

For students who studied education, social sciences, languages, and the like, doing your national service with WAEC can be favorable. The body responsible for evaluating, conducting examinations, and awarding certificates to students can help open your eyes to many things.

Apart from running errands, which is compulsory, you will do some administrative work, make new acquaintances and more. You get your stipend at the end of the month and sometimes free lunch. You are exposed to so much that you realize the general public’s notion about the organization being biased is all untrue.

Ghana Commercial Bank

Working in a bank will be an eye-opener for students who ventured into business, IT, and professional studies, and GCB being the largest bank in Ghana, is the right place to be. There are branches everywhere in the country.

You will gain some experience, the condition of work are good, and thethe company might maintain you after your one-year mandatory national service. All you need to do is display assiduousness and other good work ethics.

Social Security and National Insurance Trust

Drown ourselves in paperwork and other administrative duties while you work with this agency of the government of Ghana that administrates the National Pension Scheme.

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Like the other companies we mentioned above, at SSNIT, you will learn many things that will help you in the future, wherever you find yourself.

Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority

The company handles logistics, commercial and industrial fishing, manufacturing, haulage, etc. Imagine how much you will be exposed to working with GHAPOHA.

Ghana Highway Authority

Ghana Highway Authority has so much work for you to do. What department would you want to be in? Administrative, development, or maintenance? What did you study, and would you like to polish? You get to work with nice and attentive who teach you many things that will help you.

MTN/ Vodafone Ghana

Who wouldn’t want their national service with a telecommunications network? If you studied computer engineering, software development, and the likes, then a mobile telecommunications company is the right place to be.

You get to learn so much, make new acquaintances, and work under good conditions, and perhaps you can get free data and airtime throughout your stay.

Various Government Senior High Schools

For those who did education, IT, social sciences, languages, and even business, doing your national service with a senior high school can be advantageous. If you are someone who loves to learn every day, teaching is what you need to do.

There are other administrative works you can undertake as well. No matter which school you are posted you, you can enjoy your time. Young adults are fun people to be around.

Other good places you can consider for your NSS are:

  • Other Government banks
  • Ghana oil company
  • Cocoa processing company
  • Unilever Ghana
  • Lands Commission
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Forestry Commission

Wherever you choose to be, your approach to the work will determine how much experience you will carry with you after one year. It is what will determine if the company will maintain you or not. Basic work ethics include punctuality, discipline, diligence, respect for those there before you arrive, and a love for what you do.

To get posting to the companies above is not always easy, but it does not hurt to try.

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