The best Loan Apps in Ghana with No Collateral

Are you into the month’s first quarter, and your money is already finished? Do you need a quick loan to carry you for the rest of the days while you wait on your salary?

Or do you need a loan to invest in your business or complete a construction project?

Emergencies meet us all the time, and we need some money to help us go through them.


Before, getting a loan without collateral or a guarantor is impossible. Still, due to modernization, you can now borrow any money from the comfort of your home and pay later at your own convenience.

Such an initiative comes with its risk. Fraudsters and thieves are on high alert, so you must accept a loan from a trusted source.

We did some digging so that you won’t have to.

Below are some of the best loan applications you can download from the Google play store or apple store for free.

Fido Micro Credit

Fido is licensed by the Bank of Ghana, and it’s a loan application used by millions of Ghanaians. No collateral is needed.

All you need to do is provide the telephone numbers of a few friends or family, your valid identification information and a preferred mobile money number account.

And voila! Your account gets credited with the amount you asked for.

Just apply on a business day, and you are good to go. Their interest rates are a bit heavy, but it’s worth it once you can pay it back within 30 days.

MTN Ahomka, Xpress and Qwikloans

This is probably the most used platform for borrowing money in Ghana. You can either use the USSD mobile money code or download the MTN Ghana application to ask for a loan. You get it within a few seconds once you qualify. It’s that easy.

No collateral nor guarantor is needed. Just enter the amount you want and pay within the 30-day limit to avoid an increase in interest rate. Plus, you get the opportunity to borrow more when you pay back on time.

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MTN is Ghana’s number one telco, which is one of the many reasons.

Carbon Loan App

The process involved in applying for a loan on the Carbon app is pretty simple. All you need to do is fill out an application online which will require you to upload information on identification and credentials such as bank statements. Request for a loan once you are done providing all the relevant information.

No collateral is needed.

Lending Papa Loan App

With Lending Papa, you can borrow up to GHS 5,000 through the usual process. Provide valid identification information, provide a preferred mobile money number and request a loan. No collateral is needed.

However, you have only 14 days to pay your first loan and must take a selfie for identification.

That’s about all you need to do. Simple and easy.

Absa Loan App

The loan provided by the Absa group is fast and convenient. What do you need the loan for? Business? School or emergency? Download the Absa Loan application and request a loan from the comfort of your home today.

Absa has been accredited by the Bank of Ghana and is a reliable, credible and trusted financial institution.

Other good loan apps include;

  • Sika Master App
  • Sika Purse App

Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with lending from these financial institutions to be informed about what will happen or the effect of not settling your loan at all.

Beware not to get entangled in any financial web at the end of the day. Borrow money from a trusted source today.

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