The Best Fertility Hospitals in Ghana

Most marriages fail due to infertility. Many women will do everything they can to hear the cry of a baby in their household. What causes infertility? Fibroids, problems with ovulation, cysts, abortions in the past, can cause infertility in women. And in our traditional setting, folks sometimes blame it on spiritual factors.

Have you tried many times and you still haven’t been able to conceive a child? The following are a few fertility and specialist hospitals in Ghana that can aid you through counseling, IVF cycle, egg donor programs, and many others to bear children.

-Diamed Diagnostic Center


-Airport Women’s Hospital

-Ruma Fertility Hospital

-Trustcare Specialist Hospital and Fertility Center

-Zoe Fertility and Alternative Medicine Center

-Provita Specialist Hospital 

-St. Johns Hospital and Fertility Center

-Tema Women’s Hospital

-Jaggerys Fertility and Natural Medicine Clinic

Each one of these hospitals is accredited and legitimate, focusing on providing quality and affordable healthcare to patients.

  • Diamed Diagnostic Center

Owned by a Ukrainian doctor, Marina, the hospital is packed with Ukrainian and Ghanaian medical professionals and state-of-the medical equipment that helps with diagnosing and treating chronic and complicated medical conditions including fertility. Diamed is one of the few hospitals that promises to treat your fibroid without surgery.

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Contact Information

Locate Diamed Diagnostic Center at;

Accra– Okponglo Junction, opposite the University of Ghana, Legon Stadium.

Call them on +233 24 317 6119/ +233 20 211 2866

Takoradi– House No. 112 St. Peters

Call +233 50 909 9760

Tamale– Kamina Barracks

Call +233 55 829 4091

  • Airport Women’s Hospital

The professional medical staff at Airport Women’s Hospital focus on providing women with comprehensive medical care in a conducive environment. They cure Fibroids, Cysts, and many other women’s diseases. They also educate nursing mothers on how to properly care for their newborn,

Contact Information

Locate the hospital on 16 Kofi Annan Street, Accra.

Phone: +233 30 2736 107/ +233 55 269 6552

Email: [email protected] 

  • Ruma Fertility Hospital

Apart from treating many other complicated women’s medical conditions, Ruma takes pride in providing world-class fertility treatment. 

Contact Information 

Location: Dechiemoso Road, opposite Giveaway Hotel, Kumasi.

Call +233 20 635 5476/ +233 26 998 7479

Email: [email protected] 

  • Trustcare Specialist Hospital and Fertility Center

The testimonies from those who went to Trustcare and came back pregnant are many. They are one of the best hospitals that do not only treat fertility issues but also take on other medical conditions. 

Contact Information

Locate Trustcare at Suntrso, Kumasi. Near Ghana Water Company and adjacent to the South Suntrso Pentecost church.

Call: 0322 034 421/020 818 1056/020 217 5599

Email: [email protected] 

  • Provita Specialist Hospital

Just like all the medical centers mentioned above, Provita also wants to help you conceive a child. They will help you through surgery, egg donor program, surrogacy, artificial insemination programs, IUI Programs. 

Contact Information

Loc: Nana Premperh Stree, Community 6, Tema.

Call: 0303 2021 13/ 0303 204 266/ 054 327 26 79

Email: [email protected] 

  • Zoe Fertility and Alternative Medical Center

Zoe Fertility and Alternative Medical Center treat all kinds of medical conditions with emphasis on reproductive health. 

Contact Information

Located at Adenta New Site/ Odorkor Terrazzo road.

Call +233 20 536 3614/ +233 24 323 9534 for more information

  • St. Johns Hospital and Fertility Center

They have been treating patients with complicated medical conditions and providing fertility treatment for 8 years now. 

Contact Information 

Loc: Tantra Hill, off Achimota-Ofankor Highway

+233 50 125 8518/ +233 5040 5571

Email: [email protected] 

  • Tema Women’s Hospital

Location: community 11, Tema

Call +233 510 1630 for more information

  • Jaggery’s Fertility and Natural Health Clinic

Accra: locate them at Adenta, SDA junction 

Kumasi: Suame, Opposite the Shell Filling Station

+233 24 340 4083

Call, make an appointment and visit any of these clinics today and get a step closer to getting pregnant. Many people prefer to take herbal medicines that are not approved by the Food and Drugs Authority and visit herbalists who sometimes thrust into them, claiming to be ‘shifting their womb’ to the right place, which is very unhygienic.

Do not rely on your knowledge, go to the hospital, do tests and discuss your options with your doctor.

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