How To Start A Pig Farming Business in Ghana

Do you want to start a pig farming business in Ghana? Did you know that starting a pig farming business in Ghana is not as difficult as you think it is?

The pig farming business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Ghana. Unlike other businesses where you can enter into the business with little or no research, pig farming involves a lot more research.

As a result, I did that research for you and I have compiled all that into this comprehensive guide. In this comprehensive guide, I am going to show you how to start a pig farming business in Ghana.


Pig farming is more challenging and demanding than some of the other forms of livestock rearing. This is because pigs are more sensitive to the environment and as such require more attention.

What Is Pig Farming?

Pig farming is the raising and breeding of domestic pigs as livestock for commercial use. They can in return be used for commercial purposes like meat.

The demand for pork in Ghana and the international market is on the rise. A single sow can give birth to up to 12 piglets in a gestation period of three months and ten days (130 days).

As such, venturing into the pig farming business is one of the smartest moves you could ever make. This is because the increase in the demand for pigs implies huge future profits for pig farmers.

Aside from the fact that pig farming is more challenging and demanding, once you take good care of your pigs you are assured of some huge profits. All that these pigs demand from you is to provide them with food, water, and a place to rest.

What You Need To Know Before Entering The Pig Farming Business

Before you decide to enter any business, there are some important things you need to be aware of. Some of these, if not well understood of can go a long way to affect you in the future.

  • Pig farming requires a lot of water and if not obtained, it can go a long way to affect the productivity of the pigs.
  • Pigs are adaptable and rapidly growing animals that require enough space, a serene environment, and enough food to eat.
  • Pigs are omnivores and as such, their food should be mixed with both plant and animal meals.
  • A house is a vital factor when it comes to pig farming and your pigs should be provided with a solid and spacious house.
  • The pig farming business involves a lot of costs when you are getting started. But once your business picks up you will be able to recover all the costs you incurred earlier.

How To A Pig Farming Business in Ghana

  1. Decide on the type (s) and number of pigs that you wish to rear in your pig farm.
  2. Look for a land where you will establish your pig farm.
  3. Look for your start-up capital.
  4. Build the spacious house (s) for your pigs.
  5. Build a strong fence over the piece of land you are establishing your farm on.
  6. Buy the feed for your pigs.
  7. Establish a stable source of water on your farm.
  8. Visit a trusted pig dealer and purchase your pigs.
  9. Register your business with the Registrar General’s Department.
  10. Market your farm and start earning profits.

Costs Involved In Starting A Pig Farm Business

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  • Purchasing or leasing of land.
  • Cost of building the house and fence over the land.
  • Cost of installing a water facility on your farm.
  • Buying of pigs, piglets, or both.
  • Transportation of the pigs from the dealer to the farm.
  • Cost of medication.
  • Cost of registering your business with the Registrar General’s Department.

Ways Of Farming Pigs in Ghana

There are several ways you can farm your pigs in Ghana. But there are two (2) main ways you farm your pigs in Ghana and these are the intensive and free-range systems.

Intensive System Of Farming Pigs in Ghana

Under this system of farming pigs, a barn or hut is made of a humidity and heat resistant material like concrete. Also contained in the barn is a small pool of water where the pigs can bath.

If you choose to go with this system, you need to make sure you always provide your pigs with enough food as they will not be able to go outside to feed on their own.

Free-Range System Of Farming Pigs in Ghana

Just as the name suggests, under this system the pigs are allowed to roam on a piece of land to feed and socialize with their fellow pigs.

If you choose to go with this system, you need to have a large area of land with plenty of grass and soil. With this system, a strong fence is built around the land in order not to allow the pigs to escape from the land.

How Should A Good House For Your Pigs Look Like?

  • The house should be well spaced and aerated.
  • You should be a pool in the pen where your pigs can swim.
  • There should be an insulation facility to keep the pigs warm when there is cold weather.
  • There should always be water for your pigs to drink in the pen.

Marketing Your Pig Farm Business

To see your business succeed and excel, you need to market it to the general public. This is because you are competing with other pig farms businesses on the market and that is the only way that people will know your business.

The first thing you need to do is to know your market and the people who are interested in pigs and their related products. Once you can do that, you can then go ahead and pitch your ideas to them.

Also, you can simply create a social media page for your farm and then run social media ads at a relatively cheaper cost.


Pig farming is very labour intensive but profitable business. As such, once you start your business, you need to employ some extra set of hands to help you run the business.

As with all businesses, in the beginning, you might find it very difficult but once you are determined and hardworking, your business will succeed shortly.

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