How To Start Hair Business in Ghana

Do you have a dream of establishing your own hair business in Ghana? Or, do you have intentions of starting your own hair business in Ghana right away?

If your answer to these questions above is YES, then you will have to keep on reading this article. This is because, in this article, I am going to explain to you in detail, how to start a hair business in Ghana.

Whenever we talk about lucrative businesses in Ghana, the hair business does not make it to the top of the list. In my own small survey, I performed, out of the 10 people I asked none of them mentioned the hair business as a lucrative business in Ghana.


But after selective consultation with some of the hair businesses in Ghana who prefers their names should be kept anonymous, the hair business is one of the biggest lucrative business you could ever venture into in Ghana.

Have you ever thought of how many times the ladies visit the hair salon to get their hair done? Also, have you realized that over 80% of the women who visit the hair salons go there to get their hair done with a wig?

If you have observed this, then you can agree with the hair business owners in Ghana that this business is very profitable. As Easter is drawing near, almost every lady will like to get their hair done and this is one of the most profitable seasons in the hair business.

What is a Hair Business?

Hair business is the act of selling either human or artificial hair, with or without other products. Simply put, any business that sells hair and its related products is referred to as a hair business.

So you can clearly see that the hair business is not just the selling of hair as most Ghanaians think. But, it also involves the selling of hair-related products in addition to the hair.  Some of the hair-related products include shampoo, conditioners, wig caps, etc.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Hair Business in Ghana

In Ghana and the other parts of the world as a whole, whenever people hear that a business is lucrative and profitable, they quickly jump into it without scrutiny and analysis.

And as a result of the lack of scrutiny, analysis, and planning, they end up throwing their money away. And in the end, they end up telling people that the business is not profitable; that is not the case.

The reason why their business failed is as a result of their failure to plan and learn before starting the business. So, in order not for our cherished readers to fall into the same problem, I have outlined and explained some of the things you need to know before starting a hair business in Ghana.

The hair business is a very nice job to venture into but you need to select a good and trusted hair supplier.

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Before you start your hair business, you need to register your business at the Registrar General’s Department. This way, you will avoid facing any lawsuits in the future.

  • The hair business involves a lot of attention and planning.
  • In the early days of your business, you need to market your business to gain more customers.
  • Check your place of business to see the other hair businesses and their prices. In this way, you will know how much to sell your products to get customers.
  • To sell your products at a relatively cheaper cost, you need to partner with the original hair producers in the country.

How To Start A Hair Business in Ghana

  1. Perform market research in the area you intend to establish your business
  2. Choose a particular niche you wish to venture into. (Will you be selling natural or artificial hair? Will you sell other hair products as well?)
  3. Look for your start-up capital
  4. Build or rent a shop for your hair business
  5. Visit a trusted/authentic dealer to buy the hair and the other products
  6. Register your business at the Registrar General’s Department and then pay the required taxes
  7. Market your business and then start making some cool cash

Marketing Your Hair Business

In every business, one of the most important things is marketing. This is because, without marketing, there is no way you are going to generate revenue.

Likewise, the hair business also requires a lot of marketing, especially when you are just getting started. To market your hair business, you can simply visit any of the hair salons in Ghana and then agree with them to be their hair provider.

This way, you will also offer to give them the hair products at a relatively cheaper cost as compared with your competitors. So, whenever someone comes to get their hair done at the salon, your hair will be used and then you will be paid by the salon owner.

Also, you can create a social media page for your business and then run some paid Facebook or Instagram ads. The price you wish to spend mainly depends on you and the amount you can afford.


Starting a hair business in Ghana is very easy when you have the right information; and I think that is what I have offered in this article. If you have read this article fully and you understood it, then you should be able to start your hair business in no time.

One thing I want you to know is that when you gain social media following and you start getting orders, make sure you do it payment on delivery. This way, the customers will trust you and know that you are genuine.

After you gain prominence in the business, then you can choose to go ahead and create a website for your business and then employ an additional set of hands. This way, we are going to combat unemployment in Ghana.

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