Reasons Why You Should Work and Live in Rural Areas in Ghana

Have you posted to be a rural area to become a permanent worker or do your one-year mandatory national service, and you are dreading living in a rural area where there is less development and bustle? We will give you reasons to work and live in the rural areas in Ghana that will help change your mind about refusing your posting.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and working in a rural area is no exception. We will touch on the advantages. You will be doing yourself and the country a big favor by accepting to work in the other regions in Ghana other than the capital. Here’s why;

Low cost of living

In rural areas in Ghana, rent is cheaper, lands are cheaper to buy, and you sometimes get free food from the people in these areas.


Even transportation is less expensive as compared to the capital city. When you spend less on these things, you can save much of your salary at the end of the month. In rural areas, water and electricity bills do not carry large amounts.

The crime rate is considerably low; hence, you will be living safely, not worrying about armed robbers badging into your home to steal or destroy your property. Food is cheaper because the major source of employment in such areas are fishing and farming.

Usually, when people posted into such communities work hard and help the citizens, they show gratitude by giving some of their farm produce to the workers.

Help develop these areas.

The government will not be motivated to develop facilities in rural areas if they post workers there and the workers refuse to go.

Apart from that, you will be doing the community a big favor by accepting to perhaps, teach the children in the community or become a health worker. Imagine the number of children with bright futures whose like get dimmed because they do not have teachers in their schools to teach them or the numerous that die because there are not many health workers in hospitals and clinics in rural areas.

Imagine the difference your presence will make.

New Environment

Perhaps you were born in the capital, have lived there since, and wouldn’t you like a change of environment? The rural atmosphere is welcoming.

You are exposed to nature, lakes, mountains, coastlines, and more. You avoid the hustle and bustle of the capital. There is peace here, together with good and healthy food that is locally grown, no air pollution, and less domestic and industrial waste. Rural areas are relatively cleaner and safer to live in. apart from that, there is less pressure on you at work.

There are usually not many people in communities in other regions in Ghana. Hence there is not much pressure on facilities and workers.

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Free and safe outdoor recreation

When working and living in a rural area, you get to engage in outdoor recreation such as hunting and fishing. You can add farming as well.

You can be a teacher and a farmer simultaneously, making money from both professions. You can plant a few crops for your consumption or sell them, and you can also hunt for your consumption or sell them.

You also get to relate well with the indigenes when you join them on hunting sprees and relate well with them. You can learn other skills, such as basketry or kente weaving, and opportunities abound in rural areas.

Peace and quiet

The peace and quiet in rural areas in Ghana are unmatched. As long as you are not in anyone’s business all the time, you will enjoy the peace.

This environment creates the opportunity for good thoughts, study, and even mental development. It is no surprise that people in the capital usually show early aging signs because of the pressure and stress of living and working there.

Living in rural areas will do you good.

Plus, you will not live in such an area forever unless you want to. You are there to work for a while.

Bottom Line

Working and living in rural areas is not a bad thing, and there are cons. People say all the opportunities are in Accra, and the facilities for workers in rural areas are not good enough. It may be too quiet for some, and others feel like people in rural areas still need some civilization. Who will civilize and develop such areas if not you and me?

When posting to such areas, consider the people who live there. These children need proper education. The elderly need good healthcare services. You can also learn a thing or two during your stay.

Motivate the government to develop these areas. You can do so by accepting to live and work there.

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