Psychiatric Hospitals in Ghana and Their Locations

Mental health is one of the most looked down fields on medicine in Ghana and the African continent as a whole. People are of the view that people with mental health disorders or problems are “crazy” or “out of their mind”.

But in reality, that is not completely true because according to research, we are all at risk of contracting a mental health disorder at a point in life. The only reason why these people’s disorders are shown outside is because of certain triggers.

When these people come around these triggers, their disorder can no longer hide and as such has to show. The triggers could be human beings, food, animals, drugs, or often the death of a loved one.


Even in our everyday lives, we all go through some form of depression at a point in time. Just that our depression is mild and goes away quickly. This means that clearly speaking, we are all mentally impaired but it is hidden.

Because of that, psychiatric hospitals are specially built for mentally impaired people to receive the necessary treatment from expert psychiatrists or psychologists for them to heal and go back to their normal routine.

Ghana has a few psychiatric hospitals. But in this article, I am going to share with you some of the psychiatric hospitals in Ghana and their locations.

Accra Psychiatric Hospital

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital is one of the oldest and popular psychiatric hospitals in the entire country. It has the sole responsibility of providing treatment, welfare, training, and rehabilitation of those who are mentally ill.

Because of their hard work, the University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS) has established a faculty at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. What the faculty does is provides psychiatric training to both undergraduate and postgraduate students to go into psychiatry.

This training is done under the auspicious supervision of the West African College of Psychiatrists (WACP). This means that, the Accra Psychiatric Hospital has a very strong relationship with the University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS).

In terms of accommodation, the Accra Psychiatric Hospital has a 600-bed capacity. This comprises separate wards for males and females and a special ward for persons with strict supervision.

Some of the departments and services rendered at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital includes Out Patient Department (OPD), Occupational Therapy, General Psychology, Electroconvulsive Therapy Department (ETD), Rehab Alcoholicanous, etc.

Accra Psychiatric Hospital can be located at Castle Road Accra, BOX 1305 Accra. You can also contact them via phone on 0302 228 688 or via email at [email protected]

Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital

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After the Accra Psychiatric Hospital was established, the demand on the hospital was very and as such, a new hospital has to be established. Later in October 1965, the then Prime Minister/President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah opened the Ankaful Hospital.

With a bed capacity of 500, the Ankaful Hospital serves the mental needs of persons from the Central, Western, and Ashanti regions. The lead psychiatrists who pioneered this hospital were Dr. Sangmuah, Dr. Sika Nartey, and Dr. Atsor.

The Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital provides services in the following: Mental Health, General Medicine, Family Health and Reproductive Care, and Counselling.

In terms of mental health services, the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital provides 24/7 mental health services to everyone with any mental health illness.

You can locate the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital at Ankaful, a village in the Komenda, Edina, Eguafo, Abrem Municipal Assembly, P.O. Box 412, Cape Coast, Ghana. You can also get in touch with them on 0501 490 550 or [email protected]

Pantang Psychiatric Hospital

Whenever we talk about psychiatric hospitals in Ghana, one of the names that come into the mind of many Ghanaians is the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital. This psychiatric hospital was established in 1975 by General I.K. Acheampong and was headed by Dr. Sika-Nartey, a renowned psychiatrist.

The Pantang Psychiatric Hospital has 9 wards for inpatient treatments and focuses on helping patients with mental health conditions. The disorders treated at Pantang include Substance abuse (both alcohol and drug), Trauma and PTSD, Co-Occurring Disorders, Depression, Anxiety.

Some of the treatment options used at Pantang are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Comprehensive Assessment, Psychotherapy, Psychoeducation, Detox program, Art Therapy, etc.

Pantang Psychiatric Hospital can be located at Pantang, about 1.6 kilometers off the Accra – Aburi highway.


These are not all the psychiatric hospitals in Ghana but we cannot write about all of them. Apart from these hospitals, some
other psychiatric hospitals are working tirelessly to help treat all those who are mentally impaired across the country.

All of these hospitals are doing very well and we thank all of them for what they are doing for us. Feel free to contact any of these hospitals if you have any mental health issues, and you will be sorted out.

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