Price of faux locs crochet in Ghana

Faux locs crochet hairstyles have become increasingly popular in Ghana in recent years.

The intricate braided look is a protective style. This style allows women to give their natural hair a break. It also maintains length and fullness. For Ghanaian women interested in installing faux locs crochet, an important consideration is the price range. They can expect to pay for this service. The exact price depends on several factors, from hair type to salon choices.

Price of faux locs crochet in Ghana.

The cost of crochet faux locs in Ghana runs from 100 to 500 GHS. The lowest end of the price range, around 100-200 GHS, is for synthetic hair and a basic style with normal thickness. Mid-range pricing of 250-400 GHS buys higher quality human hair bundles and a more intricate or voluminous look. At the top end, around 400-500 GHS, are premium human hair textures installed in complex designs with added length and thickness. While individual salons may vary somewhat, this gives a reasonable overview of the pricing scale women can anticipate when having faux locs crochet installed.


Factors Affecting the price of faux locs crochet in Ghana.

Hair Type

Synthetic hair is the least expensive option starting around 100 GHS, while human hair ranges from 250 GHS for basic textures up to 500 GHS for premium grades like Brazilian curly hair. The type of hair used significantly impacts overall cost.

Salon Choice

Higher end salons and popular stylists in areas like Accra charge more, around 400-500 GHS, while basic neighborhood salons offer prices starting at 100-200 GHS. Location and stylist expertise influence price.

Length and Volume

More hair bundles needed for very long or thick faux locs increase cost. Simple chin length styles need fewer bundles than mid-back length.

Styling Complexity

Intricate styles like zigzags, twists, curves, knots, or braided parts take more time and skill, hiking up pricing. Simple back or side styles are most affordable.


Extra services like hair coloring, beads, shells, or treatment add to the base price. Basic styles don’t include many add-ons.

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Geographic Location

Major urban cities like Accra have higher pricing on average than rural areas where demand is lower and cost of living varies. Location impacts price range.


The price of faux locs crochet in Ghana can vary widely depending on the factors of hair type, salon, length and volume, style complexity, add-ons, and geographic region. While Ghanaian women can find crochet locs starting around 100 GHS, unique styles with premium hair at high-end salons in major cities cost up to 500 GHS. By understanding what goes into pricing, women can better navigate their options and budget for this popular protective style. Whether opting for a basic synthetic look or indulging in an intricate human hair design, faux locs continue to be a versatile choice that lets Ghanaian women embrace their beauty and cultural pride.

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