Price of a crate of Coke in Ghana

Coca-cola, popularly known as Coke is a household and widely consumed beverage in Ghana. The company’s iconic red and white logo can be seen everywhere, from street vendors to supermarkets. Coke has also become an important part of the Ghanaian culture, often being served at weddings, funerals, and other important events.

Due to its popularity, the company has invested heavily in the country’s economy and has also provided job opportunities to over 1,000 Ghanaians.

The price of a crate of coke in Ghana is something a Ghanaian market woman who wants to start a provision shop would want to know. Not only that, event planners and normal citizens who like to stock up their fridges with beverages would want to know.


Despite the recent hike in the price of Coke in Ghana, it remains a popular drink among many Ghanaians. Some argue that the cost is worth it for the enjoyment and satisfaction that the drink provides. Others are calling for more affordable options so that everyone can enjoy this beloved soft drink.

Why it is important to know the price of a crate of Coke in Ghana

As a citizen who wants to understand the economy of the country, getting to know the prices of goods and commodities and a good step. While it may seem not important, the price of Coke can provide insight into the country’s economic situation. Knowing the price of a crate of Coke can help you know whether things are going high in the country or not. If the price is high, it may indicate that other everyday items are similarly expensive and vice versa.

Price of a crate of Coke in Ghana

The price of a crate of coke in Ghana can vary depending on the location and who is selling it. Coke comes in cans, rubber bottles, and glass bottles and each of them has its prices. The glass bottle can be sold for GHS 3 at least. The rubber bottle can be sold for GHS 3.50 at least and the can bottle can be sold for GHS 5 at least. On average, a crate of Coke that contains 24 bottles can cost between GHS 100 to GHS 120. It is important to note that the price may also fluctuate due to factors such as supply and demand, inflation, and taxes.

Factors affecting the price of a crate of Coke in Ghana

1. Cost of production and transportation

If the cost of raw materials or fuel increases, this can drive up the price of production and ultimately the price of the product.

2. Currency exchange rates

If the value of the local currency depreciates against the US dollar, it can lead to an increase in the cost of importing the product.

3. Taxes and tariffs imposed by the government

These taxes and tariffs can be imposed on the production, importation or distribution of the product, and are often passed on to the consumer.

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4. Competition between retailers and distributors

If there are multiple retailers or distributors in the market, this can lead to price wars and lower prices for consumers. If there are only a few retailers or distributors, this can lead to higher prices as there is less competition.

5. Seasonal demand

During peak seasons such as Christmas or Easter, the demand for the product may increase and leads to higher prices. During low seasons, prices may decrease as demand drops.

Final words

The price of a crate of coke in Ghana may seem less important, but it sheds light on the economic challenges faced by many in the country. It reflects the cost of living in the country. Getting to know the price of coke on the regular will help you to learn more about the economic situation in the country.

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