Price of 1 Toilet Paper in Ghana

With the hard living in Ghana, its not a surprise if people are getting their daily necessities noted and more carefully calculated.

From food to cleaning products, everything has been affected by the high cost of living in the country.

Whether you are a resident of Ghana or just curious about the cost of this daily necessities in other parts of the world, this article will be emphasizing on the price of 1 toilet paper in Ghana.

What is a Toilet Paper?


Toilet paper is a soft paper product that is used to clean ones anus after visiting the toilet.

It is mostly sold in rolls and is made from a variety of materials such as wood pulp, recycled paper, or a combination of both.

Toilet paper is an important item in our various homes and public restrooms, and is designed to be disposed of after use.

It is available in different types, including one-ply, two-ply and three-ply varieties, with varying levels of softness and strength.

Prices of Toilet Paper in Ghana

The average price of a pack of toilet paper in Ghana ranges from GHS 15 to GHS 20, depending on the brand and quantity.

A single roll of toilet paper can cost anywhere between GHS 2 to GHS 3, depending on the brand and quality.

Factors affecting the price of toilet paper in Ghana

1. Import costs

Majority of toilet papers used in the country are imported and with this, it ends up increasing the final price which will be giving to the final buyer.

The cost of shipping, customs fees, and taxes can all impact the final price of toilet paper.

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2. Exchange rates

How stronger the Ghana cedi is compared to other currencies can also impact the price of toilet paper.

If the cedi weakens against the US dollar or Euro, the cost of importing toilet paper becomes more expensive, which can result in higher prices for consumers.

3. Packaging costs

The cost of materials used for packaging, such as plastic or paper, can fluctuate depending on market conditions. The cost of printing labels and designs on the packaging can also impact the final price of toilet paper.

4. Manufacturing costs

The cost of raw materials, such as wood pulp or recycled paper, can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. The cost of labor and energy needed to manufacture toilet paper can impact the final cost of the product.

5. Market competition

If there are several brands of toilet paper available in the market, each company will need to keep their prices competitive to maintain their market share. If there are only a few brands available, they may be able to charge higher prices without fear of losing customers to competitors.


It is important for consumers to consider their individual needs and budget when purchasing toilet paper in Ghana. If individual shops around and compare prices, They can find the best value for their money and ensure they have the necessary supplies for their hygiene needs.

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