Price of Building Materials in Ghana

Building and construction are going on everywhere in Ghana, be it residential building, institutional, commercial, specialized, or industrial construction. People are building to rent, others are building to sell.

Building a house in Ghana can be very complicated. Even acquiring a plot of land for your construction and documentation can be a major hassle. But should you go through with it, you have a home that would last you a lifetime.

After acquiring your plot of land and going through all the necessary paperwork, start buying building materials to commence your building construction. How much do these materials cost and where can you get them to buy at affordable prices? Find out more in this article.


List of basic building materials in the Ghanaian construction industry include;

  • Cement
  • Iron and steel rods
  • Concrete blocks
  • Sand and stones
  • Wooden beams
  • Building nails
  • Roofing sheets
  • Glass windows

Let’s look at their prices.


The price of a cement bag in Ghana at the moment is GHS 92. They come in different grades from different companies. Cement is used as a binder in concrete for construction.

A good proportion of cement and sand, gravel, and water will create a perfect mixture of concrete. The cement in the concrete hardens when dried to help lay strong foundations and build strong houses.

Buy quality cement from GHACEM, Dangote cement, diamond cement, etc. They are made with high-quality cement-making machines

Iron Rod

Iron rods are priced according to their sizes. They come in 1/4(6mm) to 32mm(40ft) high tensile. Prices range from GHS 12 to GHS 370. Iron rods are used with concrete to strengthen the tension of a build. It also defines the framework of a building.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are very good for retaining walls and houses from water and unwanted landscape.

One block is priced at GHS 4.69 they are superior in quality and can be hollow or solid with two or three cores or voids.

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Sand and Gravels

Construction sand and gravels are used to make concrete. A double axil of rough sand is priced at GHS 950, smooth sand is sold at GHS 1200. Gravels start at GHS 550, quarry stones go for GHS 1200 to GHS 1700 for a truck full. Quarry dust also goes for GHS 1200.

Wooden Beams

Wood beams are used as structural elements.

They can be used on walls, ceilings, and floor. They can also be used as weight-bearing supports. Wawa beams, essa beams, cyber and dahoma beams are available to aid in construction.

They are available at GHS 60

Building nails

Nails are used in both construction and carpentry to fasten two or more objects together. There are concrete nails, galvanized, masonry nails, e.t.c. A carton costs GHS 65 or less.

Glass windows

Tempered glass is used in windows for safety purposes and they last for a long period, compared to wooden or louver blades. They are priced according to sizes and quality. They can be priced from GHS 850 or less.

Roofing sheets

Strong roofing sheets or tiles are used to protect buildings and their inhabitant’s from high winds, torrential rains, fire, and the sun. One roofing tile can price from GHS 1 to GHS  3. It comes in sizes and colors.


The prices of these building materials may differ, every company and their price list but you are advised to purchase the best for strong buildings that will last a very long time.

Getting experienced and hardworking building contractors is also important. Get trustworthy individuals to work for you and pay them good money to work to your satisfaction.

Buy quality materials from K Gyasi Company limited, K. Peprah company, K. Ofori company limited, or make your purchases online. You might want to have some of these items delivered from abroad, that is equally good.

Be sure to buy land from trusted agencies. Make sure you pay attention to all paperwork. This is important so that you can provide evidence should there be any land dispute or misunderstanding between you and your landowner or agency.

Hire a lawyer, Make inquiries from other building owners, read from the internet before you begin. Visit and survey your building location regularly and set up a realistic budget. Your architectural design should match your budget. Talk to your insurance company, they could help you with a down payment to buy a land

Instead of buying a house here in Ghana, building your own house is more advisable. The only advantage that comes with buying a house is that you are assured of physical and financial security, should something go wrong in your house, there is someone to blame for it. It also saves you all the stress from spending too much to monitor the progress of your building project.

But if you build a house, you have a bespoke dwelling, thus, everything meets your demands and particular taste. That is why building a house is appreciated more in our traditional setting.

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