Iron Rod Prices in Ghana And Where To Buy From

Do you need an iron rod for your construction work or anything that involves the use of iron rods in Ghana? If your answer is YES, then I will urge you to continue reading this article.

In this article, I am going to show you everything you need to know about iron rod prices in Ghana and where to buy from. This way, you will know what you are dealing with before you go to the market.

One of the most important building materials in the world is iron rods. Especially in Ghana where most of our buildings are made from bricks.


Therefore, contractors and prospective house owners need to be aware of the latest prices of iron rods on the Ghanaian market. Remember that it is always important to buy your building materials early and store them safely to beat price inflation.

What Is An Iron Rod?

An iron rod is a length of iron that is mainly used in construction work (usually heavy construction projects). The iron rod is intertwined with reinforced concrete to strengthen the building.

Some of the heavy construction projects include the building of hospitals, sports stadiums, airports, factories, gutters, drainage systems, etc. On certain occasions, iron rods are used in various types of decorative art projects.

Types Of Iron Rod in Ghana

There are several types of iron rods that are used in Ghana. But, below are some of the most popular and most used ones.

The type of iron rod you choose will be determined by the type of project you are constructing. This means that the type of iron rod that will be used for constructing a gutter will be different from the one used for constructing a stadium.

Mild Steel Bars

The mild steel bars are used for tensile stress of Reinforced Cement Concrete slab beams in reinforced cement concrete work. This type of iron rod has a plain surface and has round sections of diameter from 6 to 50 mm.

Mild steel bars are manufactured in long lengths and can easily be cut and bent without damaging the iron rod.

Deformed Steel Bars

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Deformed steel bars minimize slippage in concrete and increases the bond between two (2) materials. Usually, they are produced in 6 mm to 50 mm diameter sections.

This type of iron rod has more tensile stress than the mild steel bars and are usually the recommended choice for structural engineers.

Prices of Iron Rod in Ghana

Iron RODQuantityUnit Price (GHS)Ton Price (GHS)
1/4 6MM550 PCS6.43,520
3/8 (7.5 MM)300 PCS103,000
3/8 (7.5 MM) (STD)300 PCS
8MM 30FT240 PCS194,560
10MM 30FT170 PCS24.54,250
11.5MM (30FT)150 PCS35.15,250
12 MM ORDINARY125 PCS42.15,450
12MM STD123 PCS50.66,400
5/8 (14MM)95 PCS55.45,450
5/8 (14MM) (STD)95 PCS
16MM ORDINARY70 PCS75.25,450
16MM STD68 PCS91.36,400
3/4(18MM)47 PCS
20MM44 PCS1416,500
25MM28 PCS
8MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE210 PS30.96,550
10MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE127 PCS50.96,550
12MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE92 PCS70.36,550
16MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE52 PCS124.46,550
20MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE33 PCS195.86,700
25MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE21 PCS307.76,700

As you can clearly see from the table above, some of the prices have been left blank. This is because the prices of such iron rods were not available at the time of.

But I will occasionally check the price on the market and update you. So, you can always come back here to check for the latest prices of iron rods in Ghana.

Where To Buy Iron Rods in Ghana

  • Manuel Johnson Ghana
  • Kwasi Oppong Iron Rods Company
  • K. Ofori Limited
  • Nana K. Gyasi Company Limited
  • Atala Limited
  • Premier Steel Limited
  • K. Peprah Company Limited
  • Kwasi Oppong Company Limited, etc.


Iron rods are very important building materials and as such you need to make sure you buy from the original shops in Ghana. And we have listed some of the best companies where you can get your quality iron rods in this article.

Before you make a decision, look through the prices for the various shops and choose the one that fits your budget. It is also advisable that you consult with your contractor to know the type of iron rod that will be needed for the project.

Finally, choose quality over price. Don’t choose the cheap one without checking the quality of the product.

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