List of Network Marketing Companies operating in Ghana

Do you know what network marketing is? Would you like to become a marketer and make money?

This type of business recruits a network of distributors to grow. There are three types of network marketing. Single-tier, two-tier, and multi-level marketing. With single-tier marketing, you sign up with a companies affiliate program to sell their products, no recruitment is needed to make money, an example is the Jumia affiliate program. You get paid by pay-per-click or the traffic drive on the website.

The two-tier requires you to refer people but you do not get paid because of that. It also uses the traffic drive on the website and pay-per-click. Multi-level Marketing contains two or more tiers. It is a recruitment and distribution-based marketing. You get paid for the number of sales and profits you make and get incentives for referrals.


After registration, you will be taken through training and conferences. The registration fee for most of these companies is between GHS 700 to GHS1,500. Many people question the legitimacy of these companies. Are they legal or Ponzi schemes? Below are six companies that take on multi-level marketing.


Herbalife one of the most popular companies that take on network marketing. They produce meal replacement protein shakes, dietary supplements, and skincare products. With 40 years of experience, they have built a large network of distributors all over the world. They use multi-level marketing, tell a friend to tell a friend, make profits, and get paid. It is legit and many Ghanaians are Herbalife distributors.

Locate them opposite Baroness Warehouse, 127B Spintex Road, Accra.

030 281 9240

Max International

Just like Herbalife, Max International also uses multi-level marketing to grow its business. They sell Nutritionals, weight management, and beauty products, referring to the benefit of Glutathione. Cellgivity is their most popular product. There are many distributors, you can even find some of their products in pharmacies in the country at affordable prices.

Call them on 030 254 0304 for more information.

Qnet Ghana

Qnet is also into health, lifestyle, tech, and wellness products. Sell products for a commission. With Qnet, it is not mandatory to refer people. For more information on how to join to become a distributor, you can visit their website for more information.


The debate on whether chymall is a Ponzi scheme or not is still ongoing. The e-commerce company gives an opportunity to people to own shops on their online commerce portal. Buy products from their main store at wholesale price and Chymall will sell them for you. They promise you a certain percentage within a short period after signing up and making your first purchase. Many beneficiaries say that referring people is not mandatory, others say it is.

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Longrich also uses a multi-level marketing strategy to grow its business. Get health products like sanitary pads, toothpaste, and more, and fitness products. Purchase at wholesale price, sell and make a profit. Refer people for incentives as well.

Send them an email through [email protected]

050 710 3585

Alliance in Motion Global (AIM)

Since 2006, AIM global has been using multi-level marketing to distribute and sell nutritional products filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants. Join, buy products at wholesale price and sell. Make profits while referring people as well.

Visit their website

Who can engage in the network marketing “business” in Ghana?

Anyone with knowledge in marketing and advertising can do this business. Senior High School graduates, even degree holders can register to become a marketer. In this day and age where unemployment is the order of the day, having such an opportunity, to make some money is scarce. Make inquiries and go through the necessary training, attend conferences and get a comprehensive understanding of what you will be doing.

What do the products contain? What are the health benefits? Any side effects? When you figure that out, then you decide on what medium you will use for advertisement, would you prefer the traditional mode of advertisement where you go door to door, to sell your products? Or you prefer to market through social media? Who is your targeted audience, and what strategies will you use to convince people to purchase your products?

If you don’t have any knowledge of marketing, do enough research.


It is important to make enough inquiries before joining any of these companies. What are their terms and conditions? Can you get refunds? What if you don’t get anyone to bring into the business? Does that mean your registration fee didn’t yield anything? Have the answers to these questions before joining.

Do not be trapped in a Ponzi scheme.

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