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Here is a list of commonly asked questions about NABCO.

My interview booking is still pending. What should I do?

Applicants who are required to schedule interview dates will be sent an SMS notification to proceed to that stage. The SMS notification contains the very email address used to complete the application which has pass the pre-validation stage.

If you have received an SMS notification, kindly proceed to, and you will be taken straight to the interview page to schedule a date.


If you have not received any SMS notification to proceed to the booking stage, kindly wait patiently to receive it, as your application may be going through the pre-verification stage.

If by June 15, 2018, you have not received SMS notification to book an appointment, it will mean your application failed the pre-validation stage.

I get the feedback ‘online application is now closed’

If you get the feedback in the image below after logging in, this means that your initial application was not completed.

Applications are now closed and you will not be able to complete the application or proceed to the next stage.

If you think otherwise, kindly provide us with your application submission printout and the NABCO reference Number for further assistance at

Will I be posted to the district I interviewed at?

Due to the limited number of interview slots available per day, some major districts/municipals/Metros are fully booked.

Applicants are advised to select the district of their residence for the interview. If your district of residence is fully booked, kindly select any available district near you.

Kindly note that, the district where you go for an interview would not necessarily be the district you will be posted to, should your application be successful. Priority for job posting will first be based on your district of residence, which is contained in the digital address of your residence you provided during the application stage.

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Am I supposed to submit copies of my application and certificates to the district office ahead of the interview?

No. Applicants that have successfully booked their interview are to come along with the originals of their certificates and other relevant documents on the date and time of the interview booked.

I get the feedback that all interview slots are full.

The interviews are scheduled according to available slots for each day i.e. morning and afternoon.

Applicants are advised to select the district of their residence. If the district of your residence is fully booked, kindly select a district near the district of your residence.

Currently, the available interview slots in all the districts in the region can be seen when you are scheduling your appointment.

Can I correct mistakes in my application?

No. At this stage of the process, applicants cannot change any information provided during the application stage.

Can I change my appointment date?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your appointment date after the booking.
Kindly ensure to be present on the set date at the district you chose for the interview.

What is the next step after booking interview appointment?

Applicants who have successfully booked an interview appointment need to show up at the district office on the date and time for the interview. Applicants are to come along with the original copies of their certificates and other relevant documents.

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Tips for NABCO Interview

Be Prepared for your interview! What do you need?

Areas of questions?

  • Expect to be asked about yourself; something probably not covered in your cv.
  • NABCO is an organization so impress them with knowledge about what they seek to do.
  • As an applicant you have some interests; your choice of module is a starting point. Demonstrate that you did not choose this out of a whim.
  • Demonstrate competence by giving examples of when you have utilized other life skills and experiences. The qualification usually is one bullet point among many things employers demand.
  • Show that you are purposefully joining NABCO; therefore offer an indication of outcomes you personally aim for.
  • Searching for a job is both painful and rewarding in a bizarre way. Every step of the way, you learn something that improves your chances of employability. Share some of these experiences.

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