NABCO Trainees should ignore fake messages asking them not to report to work

So there have been a few messages on social media advising NABCO Trainees not to report to work because of unpaid December stipend.

As a NABCO Trainee myself, I know how frustrating it is not to receive your stipend, and for those who have not received for November, it is even more frustrating.

But let us remember why we are in this: To Build Ghana.


And for those of us who have been posted, we are fortunate as there are still a lot of people yet to be posted.

So why should we not go to work? We are gaining skills, or at least learning something new. Unless in the case where finances will prevent us from reporting to work, we should not pay heed to any call for us to look like truants.

Remember November Stipend came in on 5th December 2018. Therefore, if the next Stipend is supposed to come within a month’s time, it is fair to wait for this week.

Already, there has been confirmation that the NABCO Stipend for December will be paid within this week, which is a good thing.

Let’s go back to look at the message circulating on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media.

The message has apparently be signed by one “Jamilatu Mohammed MeiZongo” who calls himself a President of some organisation which he failed to name.

We all know NABCO does not have any kind of association, at least not yet.

Also on Facebook, the Message was posted by one Lasisi Amin who has been reported severally on the Facebook Platform as a fake account.

The message has no substance and NABCO Trainees should not follow it.

For now, we want the NABCO to do a few things for us:

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  • Regularly give us update on what is happening
  • Pay trainees who are owed November Stipend
  • Pay trainees our December Stipend
  • Post all trainees who are yet to be posted.

As Nation Builders, we have comported ourselves thus far and we shouldn’t allow anyone or group of people to tarnish our hard work and effort with a so called strike.

I am a proud Nation Builder and this is my opinion. Share with your friends.

Let’s make 2019 great.

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