NABCO to recruit 100,000 new Trainees starting August 2019

The second bath of NABCO Trainees are set to start their registration process from next month, August 2019.

According to the information available to, new and old graduates can apply to NABCO starting next month for a chance to join the programme.

Here are basic requirements to join NABCO this year.


It is understood that all those who applied last year but could not go through can still start a new application this year.

However, those employed in other agencies like the NIA and YEA can not apply unless they resign from those ones.

What is NABCO

Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) is a government programme aimed at dealing with graduate unemployment in Ghana.

One hundred thousand (100,000) graduates were expected to be recruited in the last bath although that number fell as training and deployment delayed.

Trainees who are successfully recruited will be trained and deployed to different public sector agencies and private sector companies in Ghana for a stipend of GHS 700 each month.

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