Dear NABCO, 3 reasons why we all can’t be at the passing out ceremony

A lot of applicants have raised concern about not being able to go for the passing out ceremony due to one or two reasons.

Some are even questioning why we can’t have the ceremony at the end of the 3 years.

For the majority of us, the reasons why we can’t make it to the ceremony are genuine. Here are some of the reasons:

Cost Involved in going to Accra and back


Some of us don’t stay in the capital city Accra and currently, there is no provision for any transport arrangement from NABCO to send us to the ceremony and back.

Even for the people who stay in Accra, not everyone may be able to afford the transport fare to go to the Independence square. Maybe NABCO should help with transportation.

The NABCO Cloth is still not available for us

As far as I know, we have to be in the NABCO cloth for the passing out ceremony. However, I personally have not received the cloth yet.

I am sure majority of trainees have also not received the cloth. If we are supposed to be in the cloth for the passing out ceremony, then we need to have it sewn.

The problem here is not having the cloth now, how long it will take the tailors to sew the cloth and even money to pay for an express service.

I think maybe NABCO should allow us to wear our own clothes at this ceremony.

Accommodation for those coming from far

This is not a problem that affects me in particular but I have heard some trainees complain about not going to be able to go back to where they came from on the same day.

If accommodation is not going to be provided, they need to find money to get their own and we all know how expensive accommodation is in Accra.


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There is this question that keeps popping in my mind: “If the passing out ceremony is very compulsory, then why are some regions only sending reps?”.

For me, I hope the passing out ceremony goes on very well so that we don’t get any further postponement. I am sure we Nation Builders want to support the programme as much as we can so that we can start work early and start earning.

I am a proud Nation Builder.

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