NABCO April 2019 Updates on Stipend, Placement and Contracts

As NABCO Trainees wait for their Stipends, there are a few updates that they should know. We bring to you the latest news on NABCO.

It is important to know that some people will not receive stipends just because they are not working.

Unplaced Trainees


Going forward, Trainees without placement by the end of April will be taken off the program and put on our waiting list. Once that happens, the affected trainee’s status would then change from ‘trainee’ to ‘applicant’ and s/he would forfeit the monthly stipends.

However, an opportunity exists for trainees who are yet to receive placement.

NB: All Trainees who have been placed but refused to report to duty or show poor attendance will also not be paid their stipends going forward.

Resigned Trainees

All trainees who have resigned from the scheme should kindly inform the secretariat formally by tendering in their resignation letters.


The February stipends are being processed for payment. You would be paid your February stipends anytime soon hopefully within this week. I advise you come take your measurements and onward payment for the sewing.

NABCO Uniform

NABCO cloth is the work uniform. Therefore, failure to wear it to work on the prescribed days would attract sanctions when the time comes (This is different for every district).

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