Multimedia Institute of Ghana: Courses, Accreditation, and Fees

Are you looking for a tertiary institution that upholds its core values, trains and devises a career pathway for its students? Then, the Multimedia Institute of Ghana is the place to be. Approved by the National Accreditation Board and the Council of Technical and Vocational Education Training (COVTET), the school takes on the field of media, business, and theater arts.

The school is affiliated with the Institute of Commercial Management(ICM), UK, which responds to the academic and vocational needs of learners. Multimedia Institute of Ghana has campuses in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi, with professional tutors and state-of-the-art facilities to aid with practical learning.

They offer certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, and postgraduate diploma courses. Below is the wide scope of programmes you can take and tuition fees that go with them, other relevant pieces of information are added as well.

Business courses


There are several business courses offered at MIG which include:

Hospitality Management

Level 200 Diploma – Tuition fee GHS 3,980

Level 300 Advanced Diploma – Tuition fee GHS 3,420

Information Technology

Certificate Level 100- Tuition fee GHS 2, 000

Diploma Level 200- Tuition fee GHS 1, 980

Advance Diploma Level 300- Tuition fee GHS 2, 000

Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Level 200: Diploma – Tuition fee GHS 3, 980

Level 300 Advanced Diploma – Tuition fee GHS 3,420

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Accounting & Finance

Certificate Level 100- Tuition fee GHS 2,000

Diploma Level 200- Tuition fee GHS 1, 980

Advance Diploma Level 300- Tuition fee GHS 2, 000

Graduate Diploma (Bachelors Degree) Level 400- Tuition fee GHS 1, 980

Human Resource Development

Level 200 Diploma – Tuition fee GHS 3, 980

Level 300 Advanced Diploma – Tuition fee GHS 3, 420

Business Studies

Certificate Level 100-Tuition fee GHS 2, 000

Diploma – Level 200- Tuition fee GHS 1, 980

Advance Diploma– Level 300- Tuition fee GHS 2, 000

Graduate Diploma– Level 200- Tuition fee GHS 1, 980.

Media Courses 


  • Level 100 (Core) Certificate which takes 6 months to complete
  • Level 200 (Elective) Diploma which has an approximately one year study period
  • Level 300 (Elective) Advanced Diploma takes two years to complete

Students wishing to pursue a course in media can take the following core courses

Level 100: Certificate – Tuition fee GHS 2,000

  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Media & Society
  • Media Ethics & Regulations
  • English for Journalists & Writers
  • Communication Skills
  • Psychology
  • ICT Training

Students in Level 200 can choose between Elective Media A or Elective Media B and pay GHS 1,980 as a tuition fee.

Elective Media Course (A)

The courses in this elective media class are:

Journalism & Media Studies:

Broadcast Journalism

Freelance & Feature Writing

Sub Editing

Media Law & Ethics

Newspaper Reporting

Studio Practicals

Elective Media Course (B)

Multimedia Institute of Ghana offers the following elective media course:

Journalism /TV & Radio Presentation/Newscasting:

  • Sub Editing & Design
  • Digital TV & Radio Journalism
  • Sports Journalism
  • Magazine Journalism
  • Studio Practicals

Theatre Courses

The school offers a core(level 100) certificate theatre course which takes 6 months to complete and an Elective (level 200) diploma theatre course which also takes 1 year to complete. The tuition fees are GHS 2,000 and GHS 1,980 respectively.

ICM and Other Courses

Multimedia Institute of Ghana also offers ICM media and business courses that are recognized globally. Other courses that you can read include;

– Editing and Animation

– Acting, Directing, and Film Production Management

– Camera and Lightening

– Graphic Website Designing

All whose tuition fees range  from GHS 1,900 to GHS 2,000

Requirements and Mode of Tuition Payment

You will need to submit a WASSCE, SSCE, or BECE with good results to gain admission into the school. For the first semester, you will go through a 4-month intensive study of professional core courses to acquire a certificate from ICM.

Perhaps you did not do very well in your WASSCE or BECE, there are measures put in place to help you better your results. They give scholarships to brilliant but needy students as well.

The mode of fee payment is full payment, quarterly and per semester, depending on the programme you are reading.

Why Multimedia Institute of Ghana?

Why go to the Multimedia Institute of Ghana? As stated above, this school has qualified lectures and facilities to help you get the best out of your studies.

Their core values are developing innovative course ideas and programs, grow Ghana’s human resources, strengthen the diversity of the MIG culture through education and develop industrial partnerships.

At Multimedia Institute of Ghana, not only will be equipped with the skills and knowledge of the field you chose, but you’re also guaranteed a good job at any of the media houses in the country, they can help you become an entrepreneur as well.

You can take a 6 months course and start working the next few months, make enough money and climb up the ladder again. 

For more information, call them on +233 (0) 30 267 2723 /+233 (0) 23 548 8418 or send them an email through [email protected].

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