List of Top Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

The production of goods on a large scale with a line of machinery and skilled labour is what we call Manufacturing. Ghana is lucky to have numerous companies that produce goods for revenue and income. Locally manufactured goods have many advantages, products are cheaper, safer, and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority.

What are the top and most famous Manufacturing Companies in the country? When were they established, what do they do and how much income do they accumulate? Manufacturing goods here in Ghana saves Ghana the ‘middle man’ cost, the goods we import from other countries are more expensive.

Below are the renowned manufacturing companies in the country;

Kantanka Automobile Company Limited


Owned by Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantana, the company was established in 1994  to manufactured automobiles. Located at Gomo-Mpota, Central Region, the company operates at Apostle Safo State Technology and Research Centre, they manufacture and create Kantanka vehicle brands of up to 5 modules, namely, Kantana Onantefo SUV, Omama Luxury and Ordinary Pick Ups, K71 Mini SUV, Kantanka Mensah Saloon and Amoanimaa Saloon Cars. The objective and mission of the company are to be the best auto manufacturing company in the sub-Saharan African Region. 


Unilever is a British Multinational Consumer Goods company. It was introduced in Ghana as a manufacturing, distributing, and consumer goods giant. Located in Tema heavy industrial area, the company produces food, home care, and personal care products making up to $17.5m in revenue. They have provided jobs for many young individuals in more than a hundred and ninety countries. 

Fanmilk Ghana

Since 1962, Fanmilk has been producing refreshing and delicious milk-based and fruit-based drinks and frozen yogurts. They started with frozen and flavored ice creams and have added new ambient and drinkable products. Their brands are FanYogo, FanChoco, FanIce, FanMaxx, SuperYogo, FanVanille, FanDango, and FanJoy. The company’s goal is to produce healthy and nutritious products at a low cost for every Ghanaian. Which is your favorite Fanmilk product? 

Polytank(s) Ghana Limited

Polytank was established in 1992 and was the first company to have introduced large plastic water storage tanks into the country. They have since become the leading plastic manufacturing company producing a wide range of quality and durable plastics for farming, industrial, construction, and waste management products. They even make flower pots. Some of their products include biodigesters, waste bins, polykioks, large storage tanks, septic tanks, movable toilets, and many others. Each of these plastic products comes in different sizes that you can choose from.

Tinatett Herbal Manufacturing and Marketing Company Limited

Tinatett is one of the best manufacturers and distributors of herbal medicines, medicines that are made from herbs and spices grown here in Ghana to treat several medical conditions such as typhoid, stroke, malaria, sexual disorders among others. They have been doing this since 1998. 

Nestlé Ghana

Nestle set up a manufacturing company in Ghana in 1957. Producing dairy products, sauces, and more. They have more than 200,000 employees worldwide to help with manufacturing and distribution. Their objective is to become the highest profit-making company and the best employer. They are one of the best and highest-making profit company in Ghana already, people love their products, especially for their newborn babies. Ghanaians also enjoy their breakfast diary products.

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Accra Brewery 

Accra Brewery is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the country. Before Gold Coast became Ghana, they were in existence. Manufacturing and distributing quality and properly brewed beer. They then added sparkling soft drinks and non-alcoholic malt beverages and are now making up to $67.4m in revenue  Their most popular product is Club Beer, anytime you see a man with a ‘big’ and round belly born in generation X, they owe to Club Beer. Do you take any drinks made by Accra Brewery? Which is your favorite?

Tema Cocoa Processing Company

We grow cocoa here in Ghana. That is why Tema Cocoa Processing Company was established to do Intensive research and produce quality and delicious food from the cocoa bean. They make chocolate bars, chocolate dragee, chocolate spread, drinking chocolate, couverture, and semi-finished products. They sell these products here in Ghana and import some to other countries making up to $37.5m 

Akosombo Textiles 

Since 1966, Akosombo Textiles jas been manufacturing fabrics, African wax prints in rich colours and quality with an equipped factory in Akosombo that has weaving, spinning, and finishing facilities. They make these fabrics out of 100% cotton.  These fabrics are then sewn into beautiful African wear. 

Tema Oil Refinery

Making up to $20.14m in revenue, the company refines crude oil into petroleum products which they distribute to other countries for socio-economic development. 

Other manufacturing companies worth mentioning include;

  • Azar Ghana
  • Kasapreko Ghana
  • Ghacem 

It is about time we appreciate and patronize made in Ghana goods. Instead of purchasing imported wine and sparkling drinks, why don’t we purchase the ones brewed and produced in Ghana? Instead of buying clothes from boutiques at expensive prices, why don’t we use our fabrics to create magic? 

Let us eat Ghana, wear Ghana, and use made- in- Ghana products.

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