List of Top 10 Highest Paid Government Officials in Ghana

We are all curious, at some point, about which individuals are getting the most national cake in Ghana, especially on days when our pockets are empty when they shouldn’t be or when we wonder why the economy is ‘too hard’ on us.

You’re here because today is one of those days when your curiosity has sparked, and you want to know, well, you came to the right site.

We have the list of the top ten highest-paid government officials here in Ghana. Mind you, and there are other very loaded individuals in the country. To be precise, this list is of government employees who manage and overlook the affairs in various sectors.


These individuals have roles they play and duties they overlook. You and I do not know how much they do, but their fat paychecks should tell us otherwise.

Check out the list below;

Ernest Addison

Dr. Ernest Addison is the Governor of the Bank of Ghana and is the highest-paid government official in Ghana. He earns GHS 125,346 every month, and that does not include allowances. It’s a lot of money, but so are a bank governor’s responsibilities.

Not only must he be knowledgeable in economics and finance, but he must also make sure that the national cake is evenly distributed to all sectors in the country, and that is not all. He performs other duties relevant to the country’s financial protection and economic stability.

Ammishaddai Owusu-Amoah

The next on the list of the commissioner general of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Rev. Ammishaddai. He bags GHS 105,996 every month, and it doesn’t include allowance.

We know him to be responsible for collecting our taxes and pushing them into developmental projects in the country, amongst other things.

However, his duties are similar to that of the Bank of Ghana Governor. They both look after the government’s purse and the country’s treasurers.

John Ofori-Tenkorang

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust director general follows closely with a GHS 101,328 without allowances. He makes sure that your retired parent get their pension payments every month.

He oversees the activities of the pension scheme that was developed by the government to basically save people’s monies and give it back to them when they retire, fall ill or die. At this point, we know that any job involving money brings you more.

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Joseph Boahen Aidoo

Joseph Aidoo is the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana COCOBOD and earns GHS 85,775 monthly minus allowances. Not only does he help Ghana to gain revenue with the exporting of cocoa products outside Ghana, but he also overlooks the activities at the company.

John Kofi Mensah

Kofi Mensah is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Agricultural Development Bank; seeing to the smooth running of the affairs of the banks in Ghana, among other essential duties, earns him GHS 75,310 without allowances. He is also one of the highest-paid government officials in Ghana.

Samuel Sarpong

The Managing Director of the National Investment Bank earns GHS 70,465.

George Mensah Okley

The Managing Director of Bost Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation earns GHS 75,203.

Anslem Ransford Adjetey Sowah

The Managing Director of Ghana Commercial Bank earns GHS 65,089

Francis Boateng

Francis Boateng is the Managing Director of Tema Oil Refinery. He earns GHS 60,205 by ensuring that one of Ghana’s most important resources, oil, is being extracted legally and exported for foreign exchange, among other essential duties. 

COP (RTD) Frank Adusei-Poku

The Executive director of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) earns GHS 70,909 without allowances.

The amounts attached to these names and roles are a rough estimate. They get paid more and receive allowances now and then. Their functions and duties are more elaborate than what we have laid out in this article.

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