List of the Top Dancers in Ghana

All ethnic groups in Ghana have their unique dance that educates and entertain the audience during a funeral, durbars, and festivals. Dances such as Borborbor, Kpanlogo, Adowa, and others, but Afrobeat is the dominant music genre in Ghana, and it comes with its dance skills.

There are many good dancers in the country; many Ghanaians know how to dance, and it seems to be in the blood. However, some dancers have been recognized by the mass. We will introduce you to them in this article, but before that, what makes someone a good dancer? What criteria was this list based on?

A good dancer in Ghana has shown incredible strength and dynamism. In dance, dynamism is everything, and a good dancer should be able to change, adapt and perform new dance moves at any time and stay up to date on all development in the music and dance world.


A good dancer should practice constantly. No matter how good they think they already are, they need to practice and teach someone else their craft to get better.
A good dancer should also be original, create their dance moves and make them known to others.

A good dancer needs to have a deep knowledge of music or the type of music he or she dances to, in this case, Afrobeat. And usually, being called for big projects by renowned artists shows that one is a good dancer.

That said, below is a list of top dancers in Ghana.

  1. Incredible Zigi
  2. Dancegod Llyod
  3. Demzy Baye
  4. Afro Beast
  5. Real Cesh
  6. Asa Khalifa
  7. Wonder Kid
  8. Dancelord Miracle
  9. Yoofi Greene
  10. Jumaar
  11. Mr. Drew

Dancegod Lloyd is the best dancer in Ghana, and Laud Anoo Konadu is his real name. The 29-year-old dancer, dance coach, and choreographer attended Presbyterian Boy’s Senior High School, one of the best second cycle schools in Ghana, and is now a dancer and brand ambassador for Pepsodent and Predator Energy Drink others.

Lloyd also has a budding musical career; his song ‘Sika,’ where he featured AMG Medikal is already a street anthem.

Did you know that the successful dance academy called Dance With Purpose Academy belongs to Dancegod Llyod? The academy to train dancers is located in Ho, Accra, Kumasi, and has stretched its wings to the United States of America and China.

He was featured in an award-winning artist Beyonce’s Already song, featuring self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale in 2020. That was a big deal because it had just put him in the spotlight. He could gain recognition from artists and dancers everywhere globally, and who wouldn’t want that?

Further, the young dancer introduced his dance move, the Shoo Dance, and you must have heard about it or even moved your body to it. Lloyd is also a personal dance tutor for many artists in Ghana and has a massive following on social media.

Let’s not forget how heartwarming it is to see him dance with his parents on social media, the wholesome content you need to see. Dancegod Llyod is undoubtedly the best dancer in Ghana because he has built an unmatched brand for himself over the years.

Incredible Zigi is a close second. He also owns a dance academy where he trains dancers. He has bagged some brand ambassadorial deals and has featured in music videos for many musicians in Ghana like D-Black, Mr. Eazi, Eugy Official, and many others. He was even nominated for the Best Dancer during the African Muzik Magazine Awards and Music Festival

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Upcoming dancers now have great dancers they can learn from and look up to, and Ghana is proud to have such talented people in the country. You can also become a renowned dancer, and all you need is a constant practice, some originality, and the right connections.

Dancing pays, perhaps not much initially, but with time, you will gain the recognition you need, and everything else will come with it. Doing everything is always tricky at the beginning.
Who is your favorite Ghanaian dancer? Leave a name in the comment section.

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