List of SAT Training Schools in Ghana

The SAT, or the Scholastic Assessment Test, is a big deal for students dreaming of studying in famous colleges, especially in the United States. This test checks how ready a student is for college, covering Math, Reading, and Writing.

A high SAT score can brighten a student’s chance of getting into a good college. Even though it’s important, preparing for the SAT can be tough. Luckily, in Ghana, there are schools dedicated to helping students prepare for the SAT.

This article talks about some cool SAT prep centers in Ghana, which could be the first step towards your big academic dreams abroad.

What’s the SAT About?


The SAT is a test to see how ready a student is for college, covering subjects like Math, Reading, and Writing. A high SAT score is like a shiny medal, making college applications look great. But, the SAT can be tricky and needs good preparation.

Why Join a SAT Training School?

Joining a SAT training school has many advantages:

  • Expert Guidance: Meet teachers who know the SAT inside out.
  • Organized Learning: A plan that covers all you need for the SAT.
  • Practice Tests: Regular tests to know how you are doing.
  • Knowing the Exam Well: Get to know the SAT pattern to feel less worried.
  • Motivation: A fun and challenging environment to keep you going.

Top SAT Training Centers in Ghana:

Here are three SAT prep schools in Ghana:

  • Global Baseline Ltd (GBL):
    • Location: Liberty Link, Accra, Ghana
    • What’s Offered: Neat SAT prep courses with free lesson materials for every class.
    • Contact: Phone: 024 407 6813, Website:
  • Timeline Trust:
    • Location: GA-250-6604, Otsaame Baako Lane, Off Pumpkin Avenue, Near Jerusalem Restaurant, Achimota Neoplan, Accra, Ghana
    • What’s Offered: Tailored SAT prep for the Digital SAT all year round.
    • Contact: Phone: 0266-733-700 or 0232-886-025, Postal Address: P.O. Box AT 1620 Achimota-Accra, Ghana
  • Afex Test Prep:
    • Location: 60 Boundary Road, American House – East Legon, Accra, Ghana
    • What’s Offered: SAT prep and help with university applications in East and West Africa.
    • Contact: Phone: +233 (0) 24 482 9955, Email: [email protected]

Online SAT Prep:

Online SAT prep is also a choice. Websites like Khan Academy have helpful resources. Mixing online resources with classroom learning can be really helpful.

Preparing for the SAT on Your Own:

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If you like studying on your own, here are some tips:

  • Study Tips: Have a study routine, use good study materials, and practice a lot.
  • Recommended Books: Books like ‘The Official SAT Study Guide’ can help.
  • Practice Tests: Take lots of practice tests to feel confident.


The journey to acing the SAT and getting into a great college starts with good preparation. Whether you join a cool prep center in Ghana, use online resources, or study on your own, the aim is to get a score that shows your hard work and dreams.

Start your SAT prep journey today and step closer to your big academic dreams!

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