List of QNET Branches in Ghana

QNET, one of the leading MLM companies in the world, has been growing steadily in Ghana over the years with new Branches and offices opening up across the country to help serve its customers better.

QNET has a wide network of branches all over the country. This is to ensure that there are no gaps when it comes to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

QNET branches in Ghana

Below is a list of cities in Ghana, where you can find QNET branches.

  1. Accra
  2. Kumasi
  3. Tamale
  4. Tema
  5. Teshie
  6. Cape Coast
  7. Obuasi
  8. Madina
  9. Takoradi
  10. Ashiaman

Is QNET legal in Ghana

QNET has been declared as a Ponzi Scheme in many countries and has been banned in countries like India, Rwanda, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. However, QNET is working in Ghana even though most of their business has not been registered.

Whiles some claim they are real, other who has been with them before also claim they are scam are just using people to enrich only those at the top.

Is QNET Safe to join?

Its better to read reviews online to determine this answer for yourself. Whiles many says QNET is safe and beneficial, others also state that, they are scam and are in only to waste people time. Also, they have been banned in several countries for being regarded as Ponzi Scheme. With this, you can then decide for yourself whether you can still trust them or not.

How can I join QNET?

  1. The first requirement needed to join QNET is to buy one of their products.
  2. Now, you are entitled to their rights since you have made a product purchase.
  3. Visit their website, fill up the online registration form and sign up for an account.
  4. You then get activated after providing your details and signing up.
  5. Now, you have an account. You are regarded as an independent representative. Start building your points by selling their products and inviting more members under you.
  6. To check your points and progress, you can always log in your account and check it on your dashboard.

How many QNET offices are there?

QNET has their head office located in Hong Kong. Also, they have offices and agencies in over 25 countries. In Ghana, they have 10 or more offices across the country.

Can you make money with QNET?

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When you join QNET, you will be given products to sell. Every product you sell under QNET it will be counted as points and those points will be used to calculate your commission and pay you off. So, the more you sell, the more you earn.

How much does it cost to join QNET in Ghana?

In Ghana, if you want to join QNET, you will be made to purchase one of their products which can cost around GHS 4000 or more. You will then be taken under training before you can become and independent representative and start earning your commission.

How do I sell QNET products to earn commission?

  1.  like you normally sell things, that is the same way you can sell QNET products to earn your commission.
  2. You should build a brand. A strong brand that people can trust
  3. Use social media platforms to promote your products. You may luckily get people tp patronize.
  4. Get a customer set. Know your regular customers whom patronize you the more. Try introducing your products to them whenever news ones pop up. And whenever they finish using their products too, be available to supply them always.


QNET has branches all over the world, and Ghana is no exception. The list above will help you find a branch near you.

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