List of All Military Barracks in Ghana  & Locations

Like every other country, Ghana has a group of buildings, built to house military personnel in the country. The personnel live and work in these barracks with their families.

The Ghana army, which is the main ground warfare organizational branch of the Ghana armed forces headed by the Ghana Ministry of Defence and Central Defence Headquarters works hand in hand with the Ghana Navy and Airforce to defend the country by air and sea.

Its personnel is housed in one environment, away from civilians to reinforce discipline.


The following is the list of military barracks in Ghana, together with their locations.

  1. 1 Inf BN, Michel Camp; Located at Tema, Greater Accra
  2. 2 Inf BN, Myohuang Barracks; Located on Ampredo, Takoradi – Agona road
  3. 5 Inf BN, Arakan Barracks; Located at Burma Camp, Accra
  4. 6 Inf BN, Kamina Barracks; Located in the Northern Region
  5. 64 Infantry Regt, Gondar Barracks; Located at Burma Camp, Accra
  6. 66 Artillery Regt, Volta Barracks; Located at Ho
  7. 48 Engineer Regiment; Located at Teshie
  8. Warji Barracks
  9. Gondar Barracks; Located in Bantama district of Kumasi
  10. Uaddara Barracks; Located at Kumasi

Life in the Barracks

According to soldiers living in the barracks, it is not any different from the civilian street because they sometimes pay the bills. Living in the barracks is more advantageous for fresh recruits who have now entered the service, they even get free lunch for a year in the barracks.

The only essential benefit of living in the barracks is that you avoid paying expensive rent in this system of things, plus it is safe and you live in a community with individuals with a common goal. Amenities such as schools, hospitals, and gym centers are available at these camps at the convenience of soldiers and their families.

The soldiers wish that the rooms and facilities should be modernized because many of these barracks were built during Kwame Nkrumah’s rule, hence, some of the buildings need renovation because they are slowly deteriorating. Life in the military barrack is also full of restrictions.

There are things you are not allowed to do there because you are under strict supervision. The soldiers are housed away from the civilians to maintain discipline which is why you can not be engaging in unlawful or disrespectful practices in the barracks.

Many individuals do not also love to build their houses and live near the barracks because they fear they will be harmed mistakenly or intentionally by these soldiers or people that may intend to harm civilians.

Some people also regard these soldiers as thieves, who use their authority to unlawfully seize items from people, but how true is this? Why do you fear living close to the very people that have sworn to protect you and your property? It is safe to near the barracks and you can go and visit friends and family anytime you want.

These soldiers have the choice to stay in the barracks or live in the civil streets after some time in the service, but it is advisable to live within the military community.

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