List of All Beaches in Greater Accra Region: What to Expect, Safety Tips & More

Ghana has a 550-kilometer coastline with four administrative coastal regions, including Greater Accra.

The beaches in Accra for leisure and business are numerous. Some beaches require you to pay an entry fee, some a free to explore, some are private, and others come with eateries and small restaurants.

We have the complete list of beaches in greater Accra below. Check them out. How many have you visited so far?

List of Beaches in Accra

  1. Labadi Beach
  2. Titanic Beach
  3. Kokrobite Beach
  4. Bojo Beach
  5. Coco Beach
  6. Next Door Beach
  7. Laboma Beach
  8. Mighty Beach
  9. Paradise Beach
  10. Five Beach
  11. Kpone Beach
  12. Amazon Beach
  13. Sakumono Beach
  14. Omanu Beach
  15. Paddies inn Beach
  16. Vienna Beach
  17. Shinning Beach
  18. Serenity Beach
  19. Sandbox Beach
  20. Teshie Beach
  21. Nordsee Beach Resort
  22. Borla Beach
  23. La Tawala Beach Resort
  24. Sunset Beach
  25. Korle Gonno Beach
  26. La Pleasure Beach
  27. Naked Rock Beach and Pool
  28. Jack Muller Beach
  29. Dansoman Beach
  30. Osu Beach
  31. Osekan Beach
  32. Salenko Beach
  33. Rehab Beach Club
  34. Anomabo Beach
  35. Tema Newtown Beach
  36. Ada Beach
  37. Cocoloco Beach 

What to Expect

Some beaches have free entry, like Next Door beach, SandBox beach, Labadi beach, La pleasure beach, and others.

Some require you to pay an entry fee between GHS5 and GHS20. Some include Coco Beach, Laboma beach, Bojo beach, and others.

Usually, beaches that do not require an entry fee have restaurants and eateries. You may not know if you have to pay an entry fee; hence it is important to carry some money with you just in case.

Not all the beaches in Ghana are clean, especially those in the capital Accra. Plastic waste can be found on the shores of specific beaches and in the sea, making it unclean to swim in. Examples are Labadi beach, Korle Gonno Beach, Dansoman Beach, Tema New Town beach, and Borla Beach.

These beaches are packed with solid and plastic waste, but the environment remains calm and normal. They can only use some cleaning. The cleanest beaches in Accra are Kokrobite beach, Bojo Beach, and Next Door Beach.

Further, beaches in Ghana are usually crowded only on holidays and weekends like Saturdays and Sundays, where many people come to blow off steam and relax.

For your quiet and alone time, you can visit the beach on some weekdays. However, if you are a fan of the crowd and outdoor fun, be at these beaches on holidays, Friday nights, and Sundays.

Labadi Beach, Titanic Beach, Laboma Beach, Bojo Beach, and Kokrobite Beach are some of the busiest beaches in Accra.

Some beaches in Ghana have hotels and resorts attached to them. Expect good food and ultimate relaxation. Labadi beach hotel, La palm royal beach hotel, and Laboma beach resort are a few of them. You can book a hotel room for a short staycation.

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How safe are the Beaches in Ghana

Ghanaian beach waters form with larger bodies like the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is home to dangerous marine animals like sharks. That is why visitors to the beach are advised to swim only at the waterfront to prevent them from being attacked by sharks or other dangerous sea animals, even though no such attacks have ever been recorded.

The rip currents in the Gulf of Guinea are also powerful. That is why very young, and amateur swimmers are advised to swim closer to the shores to avoid drowning; even experienced swimmers have limits to how far they can and should go.

Many people have drowned on beaches in Ghana because some of them may not have followed the safety tips that have been laid down for their protection. Do you know any beach safety tips? Below are a few of them

Safety Tips

Learn how to swim. Do not enter the sea if you do not know how to swim, and don’t even try it. You can walk at the shore and put your leg in the water for a while but not move further into the sea if you don’t know how to swim. You can drown easily if no one is around to pull you out.

Check the Weather. Just like how electric devices and the bathtub don’t move together, the same way lightening and large water bodies are not very good friends.

Check the weather before going to the beach, but if you are already there before the cloud starts to form, move away from the sea to a safer place. You don’t want to be struck by lightning when just trying to enjoy your day. You stand at a risk of drowning if you decide to swim while raining.

Avoid drinking alcohol if you are planning to swim.

Keep an eye on the people around you, whether you are swimming. Pay attention to children and friends.

If you are caught out in the water and find it challenging to stay afloat, be loud and visible. Shout for help as soon as possible.

Always swim under supervision

Don’t swim late into the night

Protect your belongings


Besides the solid waste accumulated at many beaches, beach days in Accra are fun. Let no one tell you otherwise. Some beaches are very clean with good food and drinks, borne fire at night resorts for your relaxation. Help keep the beaches clean by dropping waste in bins or taking them home with you if you do not see any bins around.

Which beach in the list above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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