A letter to NABCO: Trainees are not happy at home while the media thinks we are working!

Have you read the newspapers yesterday and today? Have you listened to the news on Radio? Have you checked online news sites? Have you been on social media?

Well, everyone thinks NABCO trainees are working. Wait, everyone, except NABCO Trainees and NABCO Officials, think Trainees are working.

I am a NABCO Trainee and a proud nation builder and it saddens my heart to know that NABCO tells the media something else and treats us differently.

For someone like me who has had to deal with the numerous postponements that with the programme, I think at this point of the NABCO journey, the best thing that can be done is to know the truth.


Yes, we need to know the truth. When are we finally working? And by the truth, we don’t mean the press truth. We want the reality. Because for all we know, at the end of this month, we may read stories like: “NABCO pays the first-month stipend of GHS 700”.

Some of us have received messages to visit our Module Implementation Partners and when we get there, they either seem confused or give us a little sheet of paper to write our names and go back.

For others, there have been no placement messages sent to them at all.

If NABCO is placing us, does that not mean we know where we are working at? Placement means you have been given an actual place to work. However, the placement messages we received rather seems to be part of a process which also seems to have no end in sight.

A very big thank you to the District Coordinators who for my district are doing their best to help us get to work as fast as we can.

As a trainee, I understand that this is the first time we are having such a scheme and that the process will be streamlined in the future to make things better.

Although things have not been so efficient, it doesn’t mean NABCO is not making progress. Little steps, I appreciate those.

However, it is a big insult to NABCO Trainees when a statement from NABCO and apparently distributed to Media Houses set out to give the impression that we Trainees are working.

It’s not true. NABCO Trainees have not started work. A lot of people have not even started the placement process because they have not received any messages.

A few of us are still trying to figure out what the message means and where we may actually be working at.

Dear NABCO, let’s continue to maintain the good relationship we have as we all seek to build our beautiful nation, Ghana. Don’t tell the press we are working to take some pressure off you.

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Rather, do the needful and get us to work. We need to work, not to let people believe we are working.

I am still a proud nation builder.

God bless NABCO, God bless us all, God bless NABCO.

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