How To Start Farming in Ghana

Every day you go to the market to get groceries or food items you are enriching your body. At the same time enriching the pocket of a hard-working farmer somewhere.

Famers have been locked down upon in Ghana as the most uneducated people in the entire country. Even though this is not true, it looks like trying to stop people from saying it is not going to change anything.

On the fun side, farming is one of the most lucrative and yet easy to start businesses in Ghana. The amount needed to start a farm is very low as compared to the other businesses in the country.


When you visit Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom, you will find degree-holding graduates working as farmers. The main goal of these graduate farmers is to grow 100% organic foodstuff for the Queen of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth.

If you have ever wondered how to start a farm in Ghana, then I am going to answer all your questions in this article. In this article, I am going to show you how to start farming in Ghana with just a little capital.

What Is Farming?

Farming is the act or business of growing or cultivating crops and rearing livestock on a piece of land. In simple terms, it is the process of growing crops and raising livestock like poultry, pig, etc.

When you raise only animals without growing crops it is still farming and when you grow crops without raising livestock, it is still animals.

But in the Ghanaian context and this context as a matter of fact, farming is mainly about growing or cultivating crops on a piece of land.

Reasons Why You Should Start A Farm in Ghana

Before we jump mainly into the process of starting a farm in Ghana, let me show you some of the reasons why you should start a farm in Ghana.

  • Farming has very high-income potential.
  • You can become your own boss by employing people to work for you or support you on your farm.
  • You will now grow and consume healthy organic foodstuff.
  • You will be making a great contribution to the growth of the Ghanaian economy.

What You Should Know Before Starting A Farm in Ghana

After reading some of the reasons why you should start farming in Ghana, you might be tempted that the business is very easy and simple.

That is a very big lie and I am going to show you some things you need to know before you start a farm.

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  • The nature of the land will go a long way to affect your farm. Therefore, you need to ask an expert to survey and analyze the land before you start your farm.
  • The crops you intend to grow on your farm should be able to withstand the weather conditions. You can expect to grow rice on a very dry piece of land.
  • If you are into farming to make money, then the choice of crops you choose is a key factor. You need to choose crops that will be easily accepted by the market.
  • Farming requires a lot of hard work and determination. You can’t leave your farm alone for two (2) without checking it and you expect it to succeed, it won’t work.
  • You shouldn’t venture into farming with the mindset that it will succeed in the first year. Sometimes it might work and sometimes it won’t so you need to be determined and work hard to see your farm succeed.
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How To Start Farming in Ghana

  1. Choose a particular farming niche you want to venture into. Do you want to grow fruits, vegetables, or both; then which types of fruits or vegetables will you grow?
  2. Look for the right land based on your farming niche.
  3. Get your start-up capital.
  4. Buy the required tools, materials, crops, seeds, fertilizers, etc. you need to start your farm.
  5. Build or look for an irrigation system.
  6. Weed the land and burn or collect the weeds.
  7. Plant your seeds and occasionally irrigate. (This depends on the weather condition).
  8. Occasionally check for weeds and weed them off.
  9. Apply fertilizers at the right time and in the right proportion.
  10. Harvest your crops when they grow and then send them to the market.

Things To Consider When Buying A Land For Your Farm

  • The proximity of your farm to the market. Your farm shouldn’t be too far away from the market.
  • Access to water for irrigation.
  • The quality of the soil.
  • The nature of your neighbours and the products they produce on their land. (If any)
  • Enough space to build a house or pen, should you in case choose to add raising of livestock to your farm.

Some Items Needed When Starting A Farm in Ghana

  • Rake
  • Cutlass
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Knapsack sprayer
  • Hoe
  • Hand/long fork
  • *Tractor


Farming is a very demanding job when you are getting started and also depends on the type of crops you grow on your land.

Therefore, before you make any decision as to what crops you wish to grow on your farm, factor in your time and schedule. If it is going to worry you then you can change the crops you are growing or hire an extra set of hands for the job.

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