How to Start an Agribusiness in Ghana

Do you know people are making millions from Agribusinesses? Do you want to start one but do not know how? Continue to read this article to learn a thing or two. Business in Agriculture involves the production, protection, processing, marketing, sales, and distribution of goods for consumption.

There are many different types of agribusinesses you can engage in. Crop cultivation, livestock farming, and rearing with snail farming, poultry, and pig farming are popular.

You can choose to be a small-scale or large-scale farmer, and as you are feeding yourself, you can make some money. Agribusinesses started in Ghana a long time ago. It contributes to almost 55% of Ghana’s GDP and is very relevant to the economy.


Starting any business at all is not very easily most of the time. The same applies to any agribusiness, and it needs your time and attention.

You will be dealing with consumables, which means they can go bad if you do not take good care of them. You can start an agribusiness anywhere in the country; here is how;

What type of agribusiness are you planning to engage in?

Deciding on the type of agribusiness to engage in should not be tricky. This type of business should be something you have a passion for. Something you might already have some experience in doing.

Those who grew up in rural areas with their parents must have seen their parents go to the farm, what types of crops they grew, or what animals they reared. How they went about it, how much they made.

If you did not get that kind of opportunity, you could still learn. Research each type of agribusiness and select the one you wish to engage in.

This is the first and most important thing to do, you wouldn’t want to start a poultry farm today, and tomorrow, you are preparing an okra farm. Ask questions, what have you heard? What is boosting in the market?

In Ghana, fish farming, poultry farms, pig farms, snail farming, and cultivation of various crops, including cash crops, will bring you a lot of money. Choose wisely.

Finance/ Funding

How are you going to fund your business? What are the factors to consider before deciding how much you want to put into your business? And where will you be getting this money?.

The types of equipment to buy and how much they cost, how many farmhands you will employ and how much you will pay each of them, how many/much livestock’s or crop seedlings to purchase, plus the amount you will pay for the land you will be working on, should all be considered and used to know the total amount to be invested into the business.

If you already have enough funds, probably from your older investments, then do the needed calculations, and you are ready to go.

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But if you do not have enough money on hand, you will need to raise one. You can visit, take a loan from your bank or from someone you know, and pay within an estimated time.

Purchase land and go through all the paper works.

Considering how large or small your farm would be will help you decide on the size of land to buy. The type of crops you will cultivate or livestock you will rear can also help you decide where to buy the land.

Your harvest at the end of a few months or years will depend on the land and the type of soil on it. It would help if you considered all these factors.

Getting land to buy in Ghana is not always easy. It is always protected by the government, or chiefs and people in the town.

Some organizations sell lands in the country; these organizations will help you go through the right paperwork to get a legitimate land to work on. But if you do not get access to any of these companies, you can work the old way and talk to the chiefs and landowners directly to purchase land but go through the proper paperwork.

When all is set and done, register your business under the right jurisdiction, and start your business.

Farmhands/types of equipment

How many employees will you hire to take care of your farm? Will you be there yourself all the time, or will you leave it entirely in their hands?

Which equipments will you need to facilitate the proper running of your farm? These types of equipment are available in the market, make a list and start buying them to start your business.

Inquiries/marketing and distribution

You will need to make enough inquiries and have knowledge about how to go about things. What to do to keep your crops and livestock safe? What will they eat?

What seasons and climates are the best for them, and which farming practices are the best to increase sustainability? When can you harvest, and what can you do to keep your farm safe?

When distributing, ask questions, compare prices, and decide how much you will sell your products to bring enough profit. Marker your produce and choose only the best and trusted distributors.


Engaging in am agribusiness can be tiring and stressful, especially with crop cultivation. But it is worth the effort. You can make enough income.

Every crop and when you can harvest them, every animal and their growth period. Some crops grow within three months, others within a year or two, others three years more.

To the farmer, you will get enough money while getting more and more experience. Agribusiness is providing jobs for many young people in society, especially women.

And for the country, the economy depends on it. The revenue from exporting our cash crops is helping to boost the economy.

The most important thing to do is to inquire. It is important. After deciding, start your business and have patience.

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