How To Register A Business in Ghana

Are you a local or foreign business owner looking to register your business in Ghana? Do you want to register your business in Ghana?

If yes, then this is the comprehensive guide that will show you exactly how to register a business in Ghana.

Ghana is known in the African continent as one of the gateway countries to Africa. This is as a result of the top businesses that have been established in the country by both local and foreign business owners.


All these businesses had to start from somewhere. Some of them had to be in existence for over a decade before they began to gain the recognition they desired.

Any business owner with plans of starting a business in Ghana, you need to register your business with the Registrar General’s Department. The Registrar General’s Department will issue you with a certificate of incorporation, a certificate to commence a business, and your company’s code or regulation.

Upon completion of the registration, your company will be given the license to operate in Ghana.

But companies that are owned by foreigners either partly or fully are required to meet certain equity conditions. Afterward, they then have to register with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) or Ghana Free Zones Board (GFB); this only applies if at least 70% of the company’s products will be exported.

Types Of Business Companies in Ghana

In Ghana, businesses are conducted under two (2) broad categories and these are;

  • a limited liability company (local company);
  • and an external company (liaison office).

How To Register Your Business in Ghana

There are two (2) main ways of registering a business in Ghana, i.e. online and walk-in registration (physical registration).

How To Register Your Business in Ghana Online

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Click on Name Search to check the availability of your Business Name
  3. Download forms of the Entity Type you want to register
  4. Print, fill, sign and scan the form you downloaded and other relevant supporting documents
  5. Create a portal user account
  6. Log in to your portal user account with the user name and password that was given to you after you created the account
  7. On the welcome page, select the Entity Registration link
  8. Again select the Entity Registration link on the left pane
  9. Click the Create New button if a name has not been reserved OR, click on the Create From Name Reservation button if you have a business name reserved
  10. Select the type of entity from the drop-down list
  11. Type the name of the under Entity Name and click on the Proceed button
  12. When approval is given, Certificates and other supporting documents are issued
  13. Input the data, upload scanned and signed document, and follow the on-screen instructions
  14. Click on the make payment online link to pay the required fees
  15. After successful payment, the status of the registration will be sent to you via SMS
  16. Click on the eCertificate link to save or print the certificate and other supporting documents after the approval has been given
  17. Your business is now duly licensed to operate in Ghana

How To Register Your Business Physically (Walk-in Registration)

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  1. Visit the Registrar General’s Department office
  2. Provide 3 business/company name for a search for availability of a name
  3. Buy the required Entity Registration form. You can also download it online
  4. Fill the Entity form with the required information
  5. Pick a ticket depending on your Entity Type
  6. Wait in the queue until your ticket number is called
  7. Submit the completed form with all the supporting document for validation by the inspector
  8. A payment slip will be generated for payment to be made
  9. The document is left at the in-house Bank for the remaining process
  10. A decision will then be made as to whether Approve, Query, or Reject your application
  11. Certificate and other supporting documents are issued when approval is given
  12. Visit the office to collect your certificate and other relevant documents
  13. Your business is now duly registered.

Registration Requirements For A Local Company

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for all participants
  • Name of the company
  • Nature of business of the company
  • Two directors of the company (one of whom should be in Ghana at all times)
  • Number of shares with which the company should be registered
  • Name and address of the auditor
  • Address of registered office and principal business location
  • The authorized number of shares
  • Stated capital
  • Name and address of the shareholders
  • Company secretary

Registration Requirements For An External Company

An external company is also known as a liaison office and it refers to a corporate body that is formed outside the Republic of Ghana but has established a place of business in Ghana.

To register such companies, below are the requirements:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Name of the company at the head office outside Ghana
  • Name of business in Ghana
  • Name and details of the local manager
  • Authorized capital (for head office)
  • Issued capital (for head office)
  • Address of principal business location in Ghana
  • Address of registered office in the country of incorporation
  • Name and address of process agent
  • Certificate of incorporation of Head Office
  • A power of attorney executed in favour of the local manager


Registering a business in Ghana is very easy, transparent and fast. The number of days it will take for you to get your business approved depends on the type of business you are establishing.

Additionally, there are certain requirements for business that are either sole proprietorship, partnership, etc. and all this information can be found on the website of the Registrar General’s Department.

For foreign companies that are looking to establish a local branch in Ghana, I would advise that you get a Ghanaian attorney to help you with the process. Otherwise, you might end up going contrary to what the law demands.


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