How to Permanently Quit Betting

Gambling was legalized somewhere in the 1960s, but it has not been as convenient and accessible to many people as it is now.

In recent times, you get suggestions and advertisements from online betting companies on your mobile phone, your friends are betting on football and other sports, you hear that they are getting huge returns, and there are underground groups that give odds so that you can stake. Its generally fun, especially to first-timers and in no time, you find yourself joining the gambling train.

Signs of a Problem Gambler

Gambling can be addictive, and the companies even let you know through their commercials. Many people have gambling problems that develop into neurological severe addictive issues caused by underlining mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and attachment issues.


The few signs that show that you have a gambling problem include hiding the habit from your friends and family. Once you start hiding, know that you are going all in. borrowing, stealing, or using your savings to bet is another sign. Other signs include betting every single day and when you are stressed.

Noticing these signs and owning up to the fact that you have a gambling problem is the first step to quitting betting. There are many other ways through with you can stop betting. Below are a few of them;

Be Appreciative of what you already have and work towards what you want.

In Ghana, many young people bet because of the returns, and they want to make easy money to take care of certain things. They bet once, twice, or three times and see that they can make big money out of it, and they continue to do it repeatedly. It becomes a habit. And in no time, it gets out of control.

This is why there is something called a Side Hustle when you need to make some pocket money. There are legal and addiction-free ways to make more money. Perhaps you are already working and getting paid every month, and it is essential to appreciate this. If you feel you need to make more money, work towards it.

There is nothing like easy money. It requires effort, and betting requires more effort than you think. You do this at the expense of your finances, relationships, and mental health.

Treat underlying mood disorders.

People with depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and other mood disorders are at the risk of becoming gambling addicts. Are you someone who has a mood disorder? Well, that is probably why you are finding it difficult to quit.

You can decide today that you will do all it takes to stop betting, but if you don’t treat what is causing the compulsive behavior, you will go and come back again and not understand why.

Maintaining a therapist can be pretty expensive, so you are advised to talk to a friend or engage in harmless uplifting activities whenever you need to gamble because your mood is not right. You can plan to avoid boredom as well.

Get a new habit

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When you decide to quit gambling, getting a new habit to support the decision is essential. Find a more healthy activity to push away the old one. An activity that would boost your self-esteem and make you feel better.

It can include being kind to others. Since betting has to do with putting money on a game and sometimes winning it back or losing it, how about you give it to someone who needs it? If you have enough to spare, you may never know when and how that kindness will be repaid.

The returns can be more than you have ever earned. The money you are planning to use to best today, give it to someone who needs it or use it to get a gift for someone. We are taught to be kind to others without reason, but you are evidently trying to achieve something good in your case.

Change your mentality about betting and gambling as a whole

Whenever you feel like betting, or whenever you are about to bet on anything, tell yourself that you will lose. Yes, sometimes self-destructing habits like that help you to make the right decisions.

You do not have to self-sabotage in everything you do, only the negative things that will destroy you if you don’t destroy them. Tell yourself that the money you are about to invest will not return, that you are only wasting it. 

You can also talk to someone about your bad habit, preferably someone who has had any addiction before.

These persons can add to what we have explained above, making your recovery easier. You cannot quit a gambling addiction in a day, but you can start today.

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