How to Open a Ghanaian Bank Account While Abroad

As a Ghanaian living abroad, you might want to have a bank account here in Ghana to manage your finances and deposit, send and receive money quickly.

This is possible because several banks here in Ghana offer diaspora banking services.

It is easy and safe. Banks like Stanbic Bank, Universal Merchant Bank, Ecobank, Ghana Commercial Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank, and others provide these services for Ghanaians living abroad.


To open an account abroad, you need to start diaspora banking. What is diaspora banking, though? This banking system helps Ghanaians who are living abroad control and manage their finances back home.

Depending on the bank of choice, opening a bank account while abroad should be done online or through electronic mail.

Every bank has some differences in creating an account, but there are similarities in the requirements of opening an account while abroad. You will need the following to open your Ghanaian bank account while you are abroad.

How to Apply to Open an Account (General Requirements)

  1. Fill out an online form through the website of your bank of choice.
  2. Some banks require you to get your current banker abroad to give you a reference.
  3. Two passport-sized photograph
  4. Valid photo identity ( Passport/ Driver’s License/ Voters ID/SSNIT Biometric card)
  5. You will need to attach photocopies of information pages in your passport, proof of income, and utility bill/ tenacity agreement.
  6. You will then have to make an initial deposit of about $6 or $9.

The above is all you need to open a diaspora account in Ghana. Every bank has its benefits and features that would favor you.

Opening a diaspora account with GT Bank involves a foreign exchange account, foreign currency account, investment in money market instruments, e-banking, and a relationship manager who could manage your account.

Ecobank diaspora account provides you with a diaspora card, internet banking services, international transfers, free statements, free SMS, and e- alerts. This is the same with other banks in Ghana to help you with a better banking experience.

Why Open a Diaspora Account

You might be asking yourself why you need a diaspora account. What merit it will bring you in the long run, and if there aren’t any risks associated with it.

You need a diaspora account to save money because you get more significant returns on it, or your money doubles in value because the Ghana cedi is weaker than the dollar, pounds, or euros. Saving in a diaspora account enables you to save more.

You can retire early, buy land, buy shares and all when you have a diaspora account.

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Owning a diaspora account also helps you expand the business you may have here in Ghana. You can also renovate, remodel or expand your existing property with a diaspora account. You can take advantage of investment opportunities as well.

It is a good way for you to control your finances back home. You don’t have to be sending your money to someone to save for you, and you can do it yourself now and keep track of your finances, spend the way you want, and deposit whenever you want with a trusted bank.

You can operate your account from your foreign base and the ability to give instructions to the bank virtually about how you want your finances to be handled and ask them about assets and other investment opportunities, among others.

Diaspora banking is not risky if you choose to do business with a trusted bank, preferably a government bank like Ghana Commercial Bank. All you need to do is visit your bank’s official website of choice, locate their diaspora account section, and follow the process.


Even while you are not in Ghana, opening a diaspora account is possible, and it is easy. All you need is an internet connection. Remember to choose the right bank to save at so that you will know your money and assets are secured. Deposit, send, and receive as much as you want. Banking made easy and stress-free.

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