How to Make Money in Ghana as a Student

Balancing school and work are not easy, some people are fortunate enough to have support from family, others aren’t, they need to put a balance between work and school, sometimes to foot their accommodation bills, for food, or even for tuition fees. Perhaps you are one of those students and you’re wondering what kind of job you can do while you are in school to keep you up on your feet.

Even with a degree, finding a job in Ghana can be a real hustle, so your target should not be any high-paying job, but something that will cover your feeding and clothing. Unlike other countries where you can take on babysitting and waiting jobs, it’s hard to find such jobs here in Ghana, read on to pick up a thing or two, what jobs can you do to support yourself in school?

Learn a trade and make use of it

The question is, what can you do to make money while you are in school, we will get to that, but what if you have the opportunity to have hands-on skills before going to school? You can even learn it while you are in school. The easiest is hairdressing, especially if you’re a female.


Learn how to braid hair, cornrows, box braids, twists. Learn how to style hair beautifully, when you get to school, do it for your roommates for free, let them advertise your work, and watch how you will be making so much money from this skill you have. You will sit at the comfort of your home/hostel and people will be coming to you.

If you are charging GHS 25 for braiding for one person, and you get up to 20 customers a month, you are making GHS 250 a month!

In the same way, if you are a young man, you can learn barbering.

Bead making, catering, pedicure are other skills you can learn.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

This is especially for those who have gathered enough social media presence, could be an Instagram model or influencer. You can advertise and market other people’s craft on your social media page at a fee. How cool does that sound?

People will contact you to advertise their page for them because of the social media presence you have accumulated. You will even get extra tips if someone actually follows a page and patronizes their goods through you. You can charge up to GHS 30 or more for a single advertisement.

Depending on which platform you advertise it on, how many followers you have, and how many times you will be advertising this particular page or product. Very similar to affiliate marketing.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a good way to make money while acquiring knowledge. Write articles on different writing niches and get paid, all you need is a laptop, pen and paper snd you’re good to go, you are at more advantage if you are studying a reading course, English Language, English literature and the likes.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork provide writing gigs. Many Ghanaians find it difficult to work through these websites because they do not know how to withdraw their money after writing, it can be a tough process but if you can find your way through, you can be making a lot of money from school.

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You can get up to GHS 30 per article.

If you are unable to make use of any websites, you can find local blogs to write for and get paid.


Become a mini professor. Sometimes we are thought things at lectures and some people do not exactly understand what was thought, and they don’t want to fail the subject either. If you are good at that particular subject or course, become a second teacher and make some money.

Take notes, become invested, and spew that knowledge into someone else for some cash. As you are doing this, you are building more on your knowledge. Do not teach for free, even if they are your close friends, they have to pay you for teaching them things they do not understand.

And then some people do not go for lectures. Take notes for them for some cash.


Here in Ghana, you can hardly make money from YouTube, becoming a babysitter, or taking surveys, in other countries, Yes. The above are some of the ways you are guaranteed to make money from while you are in school, perhaps there are other ways that have not been listed here. Leave it in the comment box.

Deciding to work while you are in school is a very good idea. Don’t let your friends discourage you. They have their means of making money, don’t be left out, your parents will be proud of you, you will be able to lift a little of the load off their shoulders.

Making your own money will help you from getting involved in some uncomfortable situations. Graduate from school with a clean slate. Prepare yourself for the job market.

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